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Learn How to Roll the Saturday Night Special

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The Saturday Night Special Spliff is very popular amongst tokers from around the world. Why? Because it is easy to roll – even for the clumsiest of fingers, and it smokes great!

How to Easily Roll a Saturday Night Special…

saturday night special 1

Rolling Papers
Grab two papers and lick and stick them to each other with the sticky strips making a straight line. Try to get them to overlap by around one 5th of the papers length.

saturday night special 2

Adding the Third Paper
Get a third paper and stick it to the back of the first two making sure to place it right in the middle of the papers.

saturday night special 3

The Mix
Now just add the mix to create a cone shape – this is perfect for these kind of joints.

saturday night special 4

Simply roll up your doobey and your Saturday Night Spesh is ready to smoke, toke and enjoy!

Learn How to Roll the Saturday Night Special
Learn How to Roll the Saturday Night Special

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