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How Long Does Marijuana Really Stay In Your System?

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How Long Does Marijuana Really Stay In Your System?

How Long Does Marijuana Really Stay In Your System?

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Some people say a month, others say up to 6 months depending on how much and how often you smoke, but really, how long does it marijuana actually stay in your system? Depending on what you’re trying to get it out of your system will determine how long marijuana is detectable.

Marijuana Drug Tests
First to determine how long marijuana stays in your system we need to understand a little bit about drug tests, because I’m sure that is the only reason why you’re worried about marijuana in your system in the first place.

All drug tests have a certain cut off level, which is where under a certain amount of drug/substance tested for in your blood, hair, urine, actually is counted as a pass. That’s because there isn’t enough of the substance tested in your system to be 100% sure that you have used it, or that with that amount of substance in your system you’re not deemed a threat. There are also certain things like poppy seeds, which would show up detected for opium if there wasn’t a specific cut off level, and there are also other normal, everyday legal medicines and foods that could cause a false positive for an extremely sensitive drug test.

All different types of drug tests are used for various agencies, like a government agency doing drug testing as a result of their employment would most likely use a more sensitive drug test, because they don’t want you to come even close to using drugs, but for regular employment anywhere else they’d use a less sensitive drug test, while everything else can vary between extremely sensitive and not so sensitive. Like, for my probation they use drug tests that can test for pretty much every drug, but it isn’t particularly sensitive, I go for once a month and will be clean every month.

If you attempt to clear out your system by drinking lots of water this could flag a drug tested to be retested at lower cutoff levels, this is particularly for drug tests that get sent off to the lab. My probation officer looks at the drug right then and there so it isn’t that accurate and isn’t ever sent off to a lab for testing. Likewise with attempting to alter a drug test with any chemicals or other homemade concoctions if it isn’t caught by the test right away which would void the test and they’d would know that you tried to alter it, thereby you are guilty of drug usage. If it isn’t caught then and there then it will be most likely be rechecked at a lower cutoff at the testing lab.

How long does marijuana actually stay in your system?
Now we get down to the meat of the question. If you have a particularly sensitive drug test then sure it can remain detectable for up to a month or a month and a half, but much longer than that is doubtful. No one really knows the actual time due to varying sensitivities of drug tests, different people’s weights and heights, amount of usage and time of usage.

However, I personally know that due to weekly tests it takes about 3 weeks for me pass a drug test for marijuana use. I weight about 200 pounds, and have a height of 6’3″. Everytime I go to probation I am clean, because I stop marijuana usage at least three weeks before. For those of you that are lesser weight and height you could most likely get away with going a couple days shorter, and heavier people a couple days longer. I don’t do anything special to try to fake, alter, or substitute the drug test, because the chances of getting that way are extremely high and not worth the risk. I just stop smoking three weeks before, and don’t even try to detox or cleanse my body by drinking lots of water.

Now what does this mean to you? You can use this as a basis to be sure that you can pass any urine test for marijuana, other people I know also stop smoking around 3 weeks before, and I am a pretty heavy smoker, at least once or twice a day when I can. So those people who say if you smoke, each time you smoke the amount of time it stays in your system is doubled or tripled and compounded, is pretty much false. There may be a small, small, tiny amount of THC in your system but it’s so small that it is negligible to any kind of drug test.

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