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Magic Flight Launch Box Review

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Magic Flight Launch Box Review


Magic Flight Launch Box Review Ah Yes, The Magic Flight Launch Box. This has to be by a long shot my personal favorite portable vaporizer on the market. You know the old saying “less is more”? This vaporizer is a testament to that saying. The magic flight launch box has a very simple design, essentially a small wooden box with a few holes in it and a metal screen (ok and a few more things). But all of these things work together magnificently to vaporize any type of herb. The unit is about half the size of your hand comfortably fitting in your pocket or small purses.

Magic Flight Launchbox

How It Works:


The vaporizer is so easy to use a child could figure it out. The unit uses rechargeable AA batteries (included with the purchase) to heat up the herb inside of the “trench”. In order to place herb inside of the unit you have to simply slide away the  polycarbonate cover, revealing the trench. The trench is very small and will only fit around .02 grams of herb but trust me, that will be more than enough to get you going. After placing some herb inside of the trench one has to push the included double A battery into the hole towards the back until an orange light glows for around 5 seconds, as this is being done vapor will be able to be seen inside the unit. After that take a draw, and after inhaling / exhaling repeat the process.

Overall Review:


I personally think that this unit is one of the best vaporizers on the market. Once you learn how to take a proper draw from it, you won’t want to use anything else. The unit gives off small vapor hits but when a few draws are combined into a single inhale and exhale movement the result will blow most people away. The best part about all this is the incredibly small amount of herb being used, as mentioned before it only holds 0.2 – 0.3 grams maximum. A single battery when fully charged will give you around twenty five hits, and each trench usually lasts anywhere from five to ten hits depending on the quality of your herb. I recommend getting a second set of 2400 to 2700 MaH rechargeable batteries if you plan on using the unit heavily. My favorite part about the unit is how much herb it will save you. One gram of herb can lasted me for over a week when I was using this unit exclusively and I was nothing but pleased the whole time. It can be somewhat hard to keep the inside of the unit clean after a few sessions with it, but that’s why the magic flight team throws in an included mini paintbrush. The magic flight launch box gave me very little to complain about and for only 99$ shipped its hard not to buy one. Not only is the price very reasonable all magic flight launch box units have a lifetime replacement warranty so you can have piece of mind for your vaporizer investment.


Final Thoughts:


I give the magic flight vaporizer a guru rating of 10/10 in every category. I have nothing but pleasant things to say about the unit and since I purchased one when they first came out I have forced most of my friends to do the same. Again like I said above if you are a heavy user I strongly advise you to pick up another set of rechargeable batteries with a fast recharging station for the batteries. Other than that the unit is flawless. You can purchase one via the link below. Happy Vaping!




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