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How To Make Stocking Hash

How To Make Stocking Hash

How To Make Stocking HashHashish is the Mayan gold of the marijuana world. It is much more potent than just any kind of THC product. It contains the best of the best of the marijuana plant and as such it can take some time to transform your lead into gold.


Sometimes you’re just in a hurry and you don’t want to waste anytime getting out your iso alcohol alcohol and making high quality time-consuming Iso hash. You have other hash-making methods available like Shoe Hash.




Well, why not make your hash using pantyhose? It is quick, easy to do and makes some half-decent hash. We all you know you happen to have pairs and pairs of pantyhose/stockings just waiting to be hash-producing machines.

What You Need For Stocking Hash:
Mason jar with lid

How To Make Stocking Hash:

Stocking-Hash-Jar1 Place your dried bud in the jar. You can use any kind of clippings, nuggets, just make sure it is ground up well or cut up good. A coffee bean grinder will make your life easier. Before placing your buds in the jar, put them in the freezer for several hours as that will help with the hashish making process also.
2 Take your mason jar and stretch your stocking over it. You want it to be stretched tight, but not so tight the entire stocking is all stretched out. It should look like a screen. IF you don’t have a mason jar a Pringles container will work as well as a bowl with something keeping the stocking attached to the bowl.
3 Screw on the lid, without the center piece to secure your stocking over the jar. A rubber band will work also.


4 Shake your jar upside down over a mirror or a stainless steel pan and you should see all the crumbly trichomes filter through the screen. Do this for 5 minutes and refreeze your jar.
5 Rinse and repeat. Keep refreezing your hash jar and shaking it over the pan.
6 Gather up your hash and roll it into little balls and you are done.
Depending on how thorough you are this process can take 5 minutes or 3 hours, depending on how many times you freeze and shake your hash will determine the quality of the hash. The greener it is, the less hashy it is. It should be brown or golden if you’ve repeated this process several times. As you can tell, this is much easier than the other hash-making methods, but you do get what you put into it.


If you’re picky about hash, use one of the time-proven methods like iso hash to get the best quality available. If you’re in a hurry, there’s some panty hose in your closet that has hash’s name on them.



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