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Marijuana Bongs and Water Bongs

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Marijuana Bongs and Water Bongs

Marijuana Bongs and Water BongsAny kind of marijuana bongs is immediately what comes to the mind of any stoner when they think about getting really high and having a great time watching classic stoner movies and eating everything in their kitchen. Every cool stoner has at least one bong in his repertoire of smoking pipes, and the majority of them won’t leave home without it, or at least wish they could leave leave home with it and use it at all times, but sometimes that’s not feasibly possible.

Marijuana bongs and water bongs are the most common ways to get really high with a bit of weed and some close friends. They get you higher than marijuana pipes and joints, but due to their bulky size can’t really be used outside safely or in any public places. They also help you conserve marijuana by being a more efficient smoking device than a joint, joints are constantly lit burning up your weed even when it’s not being smoked. With a bong and a pipe you can put out the bud so it’s not still burning when no one is smoking it, and water bongs help conserve weed by getting you more out of the same amount of weed than a pipe would, because bongs are more efficient at getting more THC and smoke out of the same amount of weed.

Water Bongs

Smoking-Water-BongWater bongs are the most popular kinds of bongs and are probably most people’s favorite bongs. Water bongs have an opening at the top to put your mouth on and draw the smoke through, while the chamber is filled up with water, and a bowl and stem comes off from the side of the water bong chamber. There is usually a carb somewhere on the water bong, and if you’re unfamiliar with the bong its better to ask the owner if there is a carb, and where is it.

To smoke out of a water bong put your mouth on large opening over the water chamber, hold the bong with one hand and your lighter with the other your finger over the carb and suck in until the water starts bubbling. When the water starts to bubble or at the exact time you begin sucking in light the edge of the bowl, and leave your finger on the carb, once you’re done lighting the bowl and you’ve gotten enough smoke in the chamber, let up off the carb and suck in the smoke, doing this part quickly will get you higher than taking your time. Water bongs are good for taking big hits with and are pretty much made for it, so don’t skimp out on enjoying the bud. At first smoking from a water bong will seem kind of awkward but you’ll get used to it after a couple of tries and be hitting the bong like a pro.


Water Bong Materials
Glass-Water-BongBongs and water bongs are made out of a few different materials: glass, acrylic, wood, ceramic, metal, and home made bongs that are mostly made out of plastic bottles.

Glass Bongs– Glass water bongs are really good for smoking with. They hit better and cool the smoke very well than other water bongs. The only downside to glass water bongs is that they are fragile and kind of expensive, but you get what you pay for and that’s a good quality bong when they are made out of glass. Glass bongs are probably the best to smoke from.




Acrylic-Water-BongAcrylic Bongs– Acrylic is a good material for making a water bong, especially if you’re clumsy. They are a lot more durable than their glass water bong counterparts. Acrylic is very hard to break, and they are easier to clean than glass bongs. But the downside is that hits from an acrylic bong can be quite harsh, especially with large bongs. Acrylic bongs can be colored since it is pretty much a really strong plastic so they often look more interesting and have unique designs on them. Acrylic bongs are generally pretty cheap.




Ceramic-Water-BongCeramic Bongs– Ceramic bongs have to be the coolest looking water bongs, due to the material they use they can be easily moulded and designed to look like anything. There are ceramic bongs that look like handguns to mushrooms or dragons, depending on what you prefer. Majority of ceramic bongs are hand painted. Like glass water bongs, you have to be careful not to drop it because ceramic bongs are just as fragile, but they get the added benefit of looking pretty. Their prices run about the same to similar glass bongs.





Metal-Water-BongMetal Bongs– Metal bongs are damned near indestructible. They will last any smoker a long time. Plus they have an added mystique to them due to their metal construction and metallic shine. Some metal water bongs are colored, while others are just the color of the metal. Metal bong designs vary from extremely simple like the Metal Pipe Bong or to complex and intricate like the Rok-It Bong. Metal bong prices vary depending on the simplicity of the design and can be as cheap as acrylic bongs, or as expensive as fine glass bongs.




Wooden Bongs-I knew someone with a fantastic wooden bong that was home made, him and his dad spent months perfecting their bong design and building the perfect wooden bong, and it was amazing. Don’t let wooden bongs slip through the cracks when deciding on a water bong to buy. Wooden bongs are commonly made out of bamboo and have different designs painted on the outside. Some wooden water bongs have the designs etched on to the bamboo or scorched on the surface. Wooden bongs are probably the cheapest out of all water bongs so they are a good value for anyone looking for a cheap water bong.

Gravity Bongs

Gravity-Bong-With-GrandmaGravity bongs use the force of (guess what!) gravity and water to pull the smoke from the herb. They are pretty much one hitters that allow you get a massive amount of smoke and burn up a bowl with one hit. They will get you really high from just one hit and there a few gravity bongs commercially available, but the majority of people will end up making their own. There are several internet guides to building your own gravity bong out of house hold materials and its quite easy, though you may need a buddy to help you light your gravity bong. To smoke out of a gravity bong, like the bucket gravity bong, you would pack a bowl on top of bottle cut in half, I usually attached my bowl to the bottle cap so that way I could screw it on and off easily as needed.


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