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Marijuana Effects: The Effects of Smoking Marijuana

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Marijuana Effects: The Effects of Smoking Marijuana

The Effects of Smoking Marijuana
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Marijuana effects every single person differently, like all other drugs, some people may be more sensitive to smoking marijuana, than others, while some people can be allergic to marijuana altogether. This is a part of a newbie guide that I am constructing to enlighten people on the effects of smoking people, who haven’t yet smoked, or just people looking for more information about weed’s effect on us.

Good Effects of Smoking Marijuana

Those under the influence of smoking marijuana can experience:

Euphoria, lifting mood
Relaxation, stress reduction
Creative, philosophical thinking, abstract or deep thoughts, allows ideas to flow more easily
Better appreciation, awareness of music; music sounds better and increased emotional connection to music
Increased sense awareness (eating, drinking, smelling)
Muscle relaxation, pleasant feeling body, and an increase in a body/mind connection
Pain relief (headaches, cramps, soreness)
Cures nausea, and increases appetite (a lot)
Allows repetitive, and boring tasks to become more funny, interesting and entertaining.
The previously mentioned weed effects are what makes smoking marijuana an enjoyable drug and pastime, that everyone can have a connection to.

Neutral/Negative Effects of Smoking Marijuana

These are the neutral or negative effects of smoking marijuana, whereas with the good effect of smoking marijuana everyone who smokes marijuana experiences those weed effects. The neutral effects of smoking marijuana are usually only experiences during extreme stress while being high, so don’t be scared of these neutral effects of marijuana:

When combined with alcohol, some pharmaceuticals, and other psycho actives nausea can occur
Red eyes
Short-term memory loss while high
Tense, racing heart, usually when under stress while high
Mild to severe anxiety (depends on the person, it decreases a lot of people’s anxiety that I know)
Panic attacks can happen if you’re really, really high
Paranoia, especially when avoiding cops, or not trying to be spotted high
Duration of Smoking Marijuana
Duration greatly depends on the dose, tolerance of the user, as well as individuals reaction to weed, and possibly body weight. Smoking multiple times in a single session will definitely extend the duration.

When smoking marijuana it takes only a couple minutes to experience the effects of weed, with really strong weed, or people with low tolerance who do not smoke a lot can feel the marijuana’s effects almost immediately.

After that initial onset from smoking weed you will generally plateau at around half an hour after smoking weed, though depending on how much actually smoked this plateau could come on a lot sooner and seem to stay there for an hour or two.

Typical marijuana smokers are high for 2-3 hours, while still feeling some effects into the 4th hour. If you have higher grade marijuana you could be high for well over four hours, or if you smoked a lot of blunts in a row you would be high for much longer.

Duration of Eating Marijuana

You can also eat marijuana and while it raises the time that it takes for the weed to effect you (30 minutes to 2 hours), due to the last time you ate, and how you eat the marijuana, it will last 4-10 hours. Eating marijuana’s effects are the same as smoking it, but often last 2-3 times longer, and usually require more marijuana than you would need while smoking it. If you eat a lot of marijuana food you can expect to easily be high all day, so if you have something important to do later, make sure you ration your food and don’t eat it all just cause you don’t feel it right away.

Marijuana isn’t just some illicit drug that people use, it is a plant that has massive medical benefits as well as something that is just as fun and harmless as any other recreational activity. Marijuana effects stimulate your mind, sometimes takes you into almost a different world, make your connection to music stronger, and just make a life a better experience than it would be were you not high.

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