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mean genetics

Mean Genetics seeds offers Quality cannabis seeds at fantastic prices. We offer complimentary shipping and hard to beat stealth shipping prices. We also provide a Cost match guarantee on all our products.

Mean Genetics Policy
Payment Methods
Debit/Credit Cards
Money/Postal Orders

Carriers Used (UK).
Canada post.

Postage Charges (Export).
Fees will be provided by means of email/fax or phone Price will be quoted on weight of parcel and will be sent by the best carrier for the location. Delivery time will be 5 to 21 Working days (not consisting of weekends) from the date of delivery. If your parcel has actually not been gotten within 21 working days, please contact us.

Delivery Instructions.
Orders without credit card will be prepared and dispatched as quickly as your payment has been received and banked.
Your items will be provided to the address on the order form.
Mean Genetics have to have your complete postcode and telephone number.

Receiving Orders (Canada).
Goods needs to be with you within 3 working days. If items do not arrive within 4 working days please alert us immediately.

Receiving Orders (Export).
Item in stock will be dispatched within 1 to 3 business working days.
Item needs to be with you within 1 to 21 business working days. , if items do not show up within 21 days please alert us immediately.
Please note Mean Genetics can not assure worldwide shipments unless you opt for International Signed for delivery, as we have no methods of tracking conventional parcels worldwide, However we do produce evidence of postage certification on conventional shipments.

Then they have to be completely unopened and likewise be in the initial product packaging, if you require seeds to be returned.

If, on receipt, the goods are malfunctioning then please take the following actions:.

Please pay the return postage and return by documented shipment so you have an evidence of publishing.

If the product is in stock we will change it instantly, we can fix a defective item within the first 3 months (or change it depending on the fault). If not we will provide a credit note or refund. Postage will not be charged on replacement/repair of malfunctioning items.

If, on receipt you are not pleased with your goods please take the following actions:.

Full a return form stating the reason for return and enclosed with items and return within 14 days of receipt. Item needs to be returned in the same condition as they were received.

With the exclusion of seeds.
If you are not pleased with any of the items, please alert us within 14 days, and return the goods to Mean Genetics.
Please send out products back as they were gotten in the initial unopened product packaging.
We will not replace any products after 3 months.

Please note that the telesales law forbids the return of particular items.

The assurance is given in accordance with legal requirements. Any added assurance statements are contained in the product descriptions.

Data protection:.
Mean Genetics keep and process consumer information in accordance with the present legal requirements of the data protection law, the telecoms laws and the teleservices protection law.


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  1. i found this site and bought some purps everything came in shipping was only 2 bux and gave me a tracking number… i have ordered from other seed shops and i got these just as quick for cheaper.
    A-1 in my book

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