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Medical Cannabis based oil used in the UK

Medical Cannabis based oil used in the UK

An English company based in Kent has started distribution of Charlotte’s Web , the first medicinal cannabis based oil that has been legalized in the country from June 31. The use of this oil has it become useful as an alternative treatment for patients with severe epilepsy and and gained its legalization despite its close relationship with marijuana.

The strain of this oil, called R4, is composed of a low-tetrahydrocannabinol – the psychoactive component of marijuana – and is high in cannabidiol – medicinal component -. It is this last component which scientists believe the cannabis oil uses include lowering excess electrical and chemical activity which causes seizures and epilepsy activity.

Medical Cannabis oil used in the UK

The origin of Charlotte’s Web takes place in the state of Colorado (USA) where the Stanley Brothers, one of the largest producers of marijuana in the state, were cultivating a strain which is has high cannabidol and low tetrahydrocannabinol content. The parents of a girl suffering from Dravet syndrome (a very rare form of severe epilepsy in childhood) decided to go to the Stanley brothers after their daughter, Charlotte Figi , could not lead a normal life due to the more than 300 attacks of epilepsy per week.

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Using an oil extraction process so that the girl could consume the product in a less harmful way, Charlotte had her first dose and the seizures declined dramatically, followed by no attacks for a week. Now many epilepsy patients benefit from this treatment as brothers renamed Charlotte’s Web in honor of the small Figi.

Thanks to the work of defenders of the therapeutic use of cannabis in the UK, British lawmakers have agreed to the marketing authorization of UK CBD, which already sells other products of therapeutic cannabis, and is the company responsible for marketing the oil and is available through its web  – although the product is currently out of stock.  ” We believe that the introduction of these products in the UK market will help many people suffering from neurological diseases , “said Nicolas P. Ellis, owner of UK CBD in a interview in the newspaper Metro .



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