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Mellow Gold Seeds Review

Mellow Gold Seeds Review


Mellow Gold Seeds

Welcome to Mellow Gold Seeds guaranteed marijuana seed you can now pay with credit cards.

Mellow Gold Seeds has the best marijuana seeds from around the world and offer them to you via the internet.

Mellow Gold Seeds guarantees shipping there are thousands of canabis seeds companies, and brand new one seems to pop up every couple weeks. The problem for consumers has not been selection, or supply. It’s been customer service, safety, and quality.

We have a huge selection of marijuana seeds and plan on adding new cannabis seeds constantly. We offer imported cannabis seed, as well as those offered by local seed marijuana breeders. All marijuana seeds are F1’s. We will not sell low quality, non viable seeds.

We fill the gap between supply and service which, in our opinion, has not been correctly taken care of in the marijuana seed industry. Email us when you have any questions. We email upon shipment of all orders, and offer a maximum of 2 days turnaround time. (From receiving an order to shipping it).

The stealth shipping techniques are the result of years of experience in shipping cannabis seed. We are confident in saying, barring mistakes on the postal office’s end, 100% of our orders will arrive.

Mellow Gold seeds guarantees delivery and germination of our marijuana seed line any problems our customer service reps will be there to help you with your problem.

Why do some seeds cost so much money obtaining a quality plant is not easy lets say instance you have a great plant with a great smell you want to make seeds from it. I would ask you how are you going to do that and keep the smell in the hybrid plant? If you have a mother plant with an indica-type pattern and a distinct smell.

How well are the smell and the Idica-type pattern distributed in the individual plants from each seed you create?Is it in one out five seeds, one out of three? You have to breed, select, breed, select and rebreed to get these qualities stabilized so they show up in every single seed, not one third, or half, but all the seeds. Cheap seeds are cheap for a reason!

If you purchase quality seeds from mellowgold you are buying seeds that F1 that will have the qualities you want show up in every seed mellowgold sells to you

Mellow Gold Seeds


Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis: Thank you for being the “Gateway drug” to perpetual inspiration, compassion, benevolence, and medicinal miracles: Cannabis grower, photographer with a long experience in cannabis cultivation. His articles are journalistic reports of places where cannabis is already legally cultivated and owned. They are intended to give an impression of the wide range of cannabis cultivation. These reports are intended to help identify the truth about cannabis and reduce prejudice.

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  1. This site is a scam! Got ripped off $130. The seeds they sent me were all crushed and they wernt stealth shipped. Just loosely placed in a white paper envelope and they didn’t come in any breeder pack. Can’t believe customs didn’t find them.

    Don’t order from these people there site is a load of shit!

  2. After waiting a year I tried Mellow Gold again. once again, they screwed up. I was mailed a cutting worth $20, though I paid $150 for seeds. They then say I never tried to get a hold of them. I sent repeated emails when I got the wrong product. Dont want to go through explaining the mistakes to my credit card company, so once again they screwed me. would not recommend them to anyone who want to get what they ordered….

  3. Last time I ordered seeds from them they came squished and noone would respond to my attempts to contact them regarding this.

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