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Mixing Marijuana and Alcohol

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Mixing Marijuana and Alcohol

Mixing Marijuana and Alcohol

Mixing weed and alcohol is probably something that any smoker has tried at least once in their lives. It probably ended favourably for them, but sometimes that isn’t the case. It can cause extreme nausea, and blackouts in some people but don’t let that scare you. Chances are if you’re that easily effected by alcohol and marijuana then you’d probably wouldn’t be consuming either of them anyway.

Marijuana and alcohol are both potentially strong drugs when used by themselves, but become even stronger as they are used together. Marijuana has the curious effect of lowering one’s alcohol tolerance while combining the buzz that one gets from being drunk with the high you get from being high, it’s a two for one special, who wouldn’t want to do it?

The combination of both marijuana and alcohol reminds me of two separate times when I have partaked in both:
The first time we had a bottle of some really cheap vodka and as much as weed as we (me and a friend who were drinking, the rest of the people were just smoking) would possibly need for that night. We started with hitting a bowl or two way early into the evening, then the joints just kept coming and coming throughout the night. Once it got later into the night we began to make some great mixed drinks and by the end of the night we were high and plastered. The next morning involved a slight hangover, but basically no remembrance of the night before. Only after a couple of days of discussing it did we finally seem able to piece together the night. The only thing that I can remember specifically was the ride home, and it’s still pretty fuzzy (I know what happened, but the actual recall of the event result in just blackness), naturally we weren’t driving cause we were way too drunk. I ended up buying everyone Wendy’s with my debit card and by that time we were rambling drunks who could barely sit up straight and the spinning was going on. My friend tells me that I ended up throwing up in the yard, which I don’t remember, but a small pile found the next morning verified it. Overall it was a very enjoyable drunken high experience, especially since all I did was puke once and had a slight hang over in the morning.

The second time was probably just as enjoyable, but I noticed that the marijuana had totally killed my alcohol tolerance. We had several blunts throughout the night, at least 4-7 blunts, and after the first two I was totally baked. That was when me and this girl I knew decided to have a walk down to the gas station to pick up a couple forty’s. I had two forty’s to myself and the girl I think she got two 40s as well. After I had downed the first forty I was having a gooooood buzz and we smoked another blunt.

Halfway through the second forty I was wayyyy too drunk to even be able to tell which way was up. Without the weed two forty’s would’ve been nothing, it probably wouldn’t have been enough. I weigh 200 lbs, so my weight and the fact that I’m not a lightweight makes me pretty tolerant to alcohol. I’m not trying to brag or anything cause I know there are people that can drink and drink and drink, but after a 12 pack with no weed I have a good buzz going on, only after 6 or so more beers will I begin to feel drunk, so two forty’s was nothing. I ended up throwing up once or twice in the toilet, and was extremely hungover in the morning. I’m surprised I even made it to the couch and didn’t end up passing out on the floor.

So what’s the lesson here? If you’re going to mix weed and alcohol do so so that you know what your limit is. When smoking marijuana it is way too easy to drink too much and definitely don’t drive after drinking and smoking, you’ll be much worse than if you were just driving drunk with no weed. Marijuana is a great way to get drunk without having to down 12-pack or a 24-pack, some people may not enjoy the double buzz, while other people will love it. It’s all down to preference.


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