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  • AutofloweringGrowing Autoflowers aerogarden

    Autoflower – What are autoflowering weed seeds?

    Autoflower – What are auto-flowering cannabis seeds, Auto flower weed seeds (self-Flowering) are a completely different kind of cannabis seeds than we are used to. A  non-auto-flowering species will bloom when the days get shorter, or when the plants get fewer hours of light. This is in contrast to the auto-flowering type because this strain goes into bloom when the cannabis plant is about 3 weeks old. It will not worry about whether the days that are getting shorter, so an…

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  • Cannabis Basics

    Cannabis Oil Cure for Cancer?

    Cannabis Oil cure for cancer?   Cannabis is getting more well-known of its medical benefits, however it has just recently been published that there is strong evidence suggesting marijuana (hash oil or hemp oil) may cure cancer. It had been known that marijuana could settle patients’ stomach having chemotherapy but as the results of researches proved, it appeared to be a cancer cure for some patients.     This is not only interesting but also especially meaningful for me as…

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  • PropagationStoring Cannabis Seeds

    Storing Cannabis Seeds for years

    Tips for preserving cannabis seeds for years Storing Cannabis Seeds, Tips for preserving cannabis seeds for years. The planting season is approaching in the Northern Hemisphere and it is time to invest in seeds. The success or failure of a crop depends largely on the quality of the seed and its genetics. We can use the best substrate, the best range of fertilizers and enjoy the sunniest summer, But if the genetics are mediocre, we will be wasting months of…

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  • Advanced Growing

    Plant Tissue Culture: For Gardeners as well as Geeks?

    Plant Tissue Culture: For Gardeners as well as Geeks? The mother plant. Ahhhhhhhh! There she is, standing tall, majestic and benevolent. She’s the heart of it all, providing cutting after cutting and crop after crop of glorious fruits, vegetables, or flowers. Let us all kneel before her, salivating with gratefulness and … {Cue needle scratch sound on record.} ”YOU DON’T NEED A MOTHER PLANT!” cries a dissenting voice. Whaaat!!!? Who dares declare this heresy? Why, it is Mr. Billy Graham!…

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  • Curing and Processing Cannabiscaramel hash

    Hashish Everything You Need to Know

    Different types of hash There are many different types of hashish to be found when traveling around the world. These varieties differ according to how the hash is extracted and pressed. And the methods used result in final products that are very different from each other. Some will be sticky while others will be dry and crumbly. Below we will talk a little about the most popular varieties today To understand what hashish is, you must first know the structure…

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  • Nutrientshandy-little-cannabis-ph-meter-chart


    What Does the Handy Little Cannabis pH Meter Chart Do? First, you dont need to be an established chemist with 10 years lab experience to grow cannabis. Once you are done planting your first seeds, you can continue towards creating the right environment for your plants. Most probably, chemistry was probably one the of your most disliked classes at school and if you havent been truly fascinated with it, then youve probably been traumatized by it. Here is a handy little cannabis Ph…

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