• Cannabis Basicsbubblegum strain review

    Bubblegum Strain Review

    Bubblegum Strain Review. Bubble Gum, is loved by smokers around the world. Especially because of the almost perfect effect it produces and of course the well-known smell and taste. You can read all about this great strain here, from the origin a few decades ago to the cultivation of Bubblegum and the tastiest contemporary varieties today. Get Bubble Gum Seeds Latest Reviews. The fresh sweet mystery. The story around Bubblegum is that this cannabis strain came to life sometime in…

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  • Curing and Processing CannabisBest Method To Dry And Cure Marijuana

    Best Method To Dry And Cure Marijuana

    Preparing your marijuana for smoking is a two-part process that can take as long as two months, however, a good amount should be smokable within a couple of weeks. Be patient and don’t quick dry too much because if you have the patience, you will likely have the best weed you’ve ever smoked.

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  • Curing and Processing Cannabiscaramel hash

    Hashish Everything You Need to Know

    Different types of hash There are many different types of hashish to be found when traveling around the world. These varieties differ according to how the hash is extracted and pressed. And the methods used result in final products that are very different from each other. Some will be sticky while others will be dry and crumbly. Below we will talk a little about the most popular varieties today To understand what hashish is, you must first know the structure…

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  • Cannabis Basics10 Facts about Cannabis Seeds

    15 Facts about Cannabis Seeds

    15 Facts about Cannabis Seeds, Seeds are hot! Growers are increasingly working with them. They have a  great advantage: you have a big choice of strain types, are not dependent on a cuttings, and no unwanted critters hitchhike on seeds. Among other things…Here are 10 facts you may or may not know about your seeds. 15 Facts about Cannabis Seeds.   1. Seeds contain the crop rotation of the cannabis plant in the form of a genetic code, that is, the…

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  • Cannabis BasicsHow does cannabis work with recreational drugs

    How does cannabis work with recreational drugs?

    How does cannabis work with recreational drugs? In the last article, we described the interactions of cannabis with the most common drugs. However, cannabis is often used with other recreational drugs, such as tobacco, alcohol or amphetamines. The interactions with other intoxicants are often difficult to estimate. Below we show you, which interactions can occur with the different recreational drugs.

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  • Grow LightsBest Lights for Growing Marijuana Indoors

    Best Lights for Growing Marijuana Indoors

    Best Lights for Growing Marijuana Indoors Marijuana needs light to grow. For outdoor growers, this is supplied by the sun but indoor growers need to replicate the sun in their grow room using marijuana grow lights. In this topic you should come out with an understanding of the terms used in lighting, the types of marijuana lighting available for your marijuana grow room, and the light cycles you will need for the different stages of your marijuana plants life cycle.…

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