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  • Grow Room Enviroment

    Calculating Fan Requirements for Your Indoor Garden

    Calculating Fan Requirements for Your Indoor Garden Calculating By Room Volume You will find many calculations on the web for sizing a fan for ventilating indoor gardens; however, what many of these calculations fail to take into consideration is the friction loss on carbon filters and increased temperatures from HID lights. So here’s my calculation method, which you can use as a guide for sizing an exhaust fan for a growing area. Keep in mind that this calculation will give…

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  • Curing and Processing Cannabiswhat is hash

    What Is Hash?

    What Is Hash?   Hash is basically a super potent form of marijuana. It is also known as hashish and is made from the resin and trichomes of the marijuana plant. As you should know the resin and the trichomes contain the majority of the psychoactive ingredients found in the marijuana plant. It created by sifting marijuana leaves and buds through screens and then pressing it to create solid or paste-like chunks of compress marijuana trichomes.   Hashish coloration typically…

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  • Advanced GrowingMycorrhizae in Soil and Hydroponics

    Mycorrhizae in soil and Hydroponics?

    Mycorrhizae in soil and Hydroponics?. Beneficial mycorrhizae have been living with plants roots in a friendly relationship for at least 460 million years. Today, inoculating your potting soil mix or hydroponic reservoir with valuable mycorrhizae has many benefits.   With the chelating enzymes the fungus launch, the plants uptake even more useable nutrients. With the fungal hairs working as a secondary root system, plants grow huge faster. Overall, with help from the fungus, plants grow up healthier. When fungal hairs,…

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  • Grow InfoThe Six Things You Need To Do For A Successful Harvest

    The Six Things You Need To Do For A Successful Harvest

    The Six Things You Need To Do For A Successful Harvest, Everyone knows that the quantity and quality of a crop is influenced by many factors that the grower needs to worry about. There are several ways to achieve the required conditions. The goal remains the same. Everyone can select their cultivation medium, the irrigation system, the fertilizer, the ventilation, etc. themselves.   Often, among the growers it is discussed which cultivation system is the best, how to irrigate properly,…

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  • NutrientsBeginners Guide To Mixing Hydroponics Nutrient Solutions

    Beginners Guide To Mixing Hydroponics Nutrient Solutions

    Quick note: іf you’re nоt sure whу pH аnd CF levels аrе important іn thе context оf nutrient solutions, check оut thе introductory articles ‘A Beginners Guide Tо pH Management’ аnd ‘A Beginners Guide Tо CF Control’. Onсе уоu hаvе got tо grips wіth hоw different pH аnd CF readings affect уоur feeds, it’s tіmе tо learn hоw tо concoct a good batch! Equipment Yоu wіll need a small number оf essential items tо gеt уоur feeds set uр. Thеѕе…

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  • Hydroponicshydroponic recirculating system water level

    DIY Deep Water Culture, The Recirculating Oxygen System

    DIY Deep Water Culture, The Recirculating Oxygen System How do growers get away with growing their plants in water? Here I explain how Deep Water Culture works and how you can make it even better! Some growers think deep water culture- drowning and it’s only suitable for certain aquatic plants. This is absolutely not the case. Deep water culture is actually a great way of ensuring your plants have continual access to water; nutrients and oxygen all at the same timer The trick is getting the oxygen into…

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