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Powdery Mildew Control During Cannabis Growth

Powdery Mildew Control During Cannabis Growth


Powdery Mildew Control During Cannabis Growth, the best way to control powdery mildew is to control the environment in which your flowers are being grown. The proper temperature, proper lighting, right amount of nutrients, sun or false lighting, and all aspects of growth always must be taken into consideration to ensure that you minimize the threat of mildew growth.

Powdery Mildew Control During Cannabis Growth

For instance, if any of the following conditions exist, you will run into problems with mildew:

-The humidity level is over 55% in your grow area or if there’s poor air circulation where
-There’s plenty of crowding and touching of the leaves being grown
-There are dead materials containing mycelium thread spores
-You’re growing in too warm of a temperature.

Powdery Mildew in bud

Powdery Mildew Control During Cannabis Growth


To minimize the growth of it in the first place, the grower has to consider the optimal growing conditions.

Growing cannabis in cooler temperate zones
Temperature control is key and will help you prevent the mildew from appearing in the first place. Keep in mind, however, that in many instances, if the temperature is too low, the plant is going to die. So, finding a medium ground is a must.


There are also many plants that are genetically able to develop a resistance to the mildew. If you are able to help your garden develop an “immune system” and ward off the substance, you will find that, over time, mildew will start appearing in your growth area in fewer quantities.


Cannabis is capable of building an immunity to powdery mildew, so if you are properly monitoring your growth conditions, you will notice that mildew will soon no longer be problem in your garden. If you have to keep your garden in certain locations of the home, however, such as near or around the bathroom or kitchen or where conditions seem to be warmer, more humid, and thus mildew-prone, you must consider other options and remedies so that you can cut down on the growth of the powdery mildew.


So, here is one quick solution that can eliminate the mildew growth and permanently eradicate mildew and mildew growth from your garden. First off, you are going to want to take apple cider vinegar, and make a solution of about two tea spoons to one quart of water. Another option to try is to use corn meal juice, which is made purely of whole ground corn meal. A third solution to consider is cinnamon alcohol; this is 91% alcohol, and you are going to want to add 2 teaspoons of cinnamon to it and allow it to soak overnight to infuse together. Lastly, you will take baking soda and add a 1/2 teaspoon to each quart of water you use to make the solution.


All of these solutions are quick and easy to make and can produced with simple household ingredients that most home owners are likely to have sitting around in cabinets. They offer bacteria killing substances and are going to aid in killing the mildew, which is what takes over the cannabis plants. Another great solution to consider is milk. Since milk has germicidal affects, it will kill fungal spores that tend to cause the mildew. Milk can also act as a stimulant for plants in a way that make them become more resistant, and over time, immune to certain diseases.


If powdery mildew has been a problem for you in the past (or at the present), you might as well employing one of these techniques. Sure, it could take a few tries to find the right solution, but all of these options are simple to make at home and are much cheaper products sold in marijuana shops or online. So, rather than rush to spend money, you should first at least consider these options as a quick fix to powdery mildew.


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  1. Hey Straits, its amazing the amount of things growers try in desperation, I have been through the same struggles in the past and the only real way to prevent PM is to lower the humidity and if you do see a plant with mold then cut out the affected areas and cross your fingers.

    Some strains are particularly susceptible due to the bud structure, its a bit like when two large leaves are laid on top of each other, often when you separate them the leaves are wet. From my own experiences I had loads of bother with the green giant strain it had fantastic yields but wasn’t worth growing due to the risk of loosing the crop to mold.

  2. Havent tried the cinnamon alchohol one and corn meal juice, but the others like milk, I think I’m in the end had a whole dairy in the growroom, baking soda check, but no effect, let me just say I was hit hard and it was like the powdey mildew just grinning of everything I threw at it, even tried the Jorge Cervantes H2O2 wash after harvest, dunno if it was my H2O2 being too weak, but as I’m informed it’s a 3% solution in the states too. In the end I had to go chemical(Eagle 20) and wash down the whole growroom, sulphur burn the shyte out of it, and out with the pm susceptible strains, how hard than even was. I found out that strains with C99 was a culprit. Not saying all C99’s are doomed , but the ones I’ve had at the time was pm-magnets. Later I’ve grown Johnny Blaze x C99 and had have great results.

  3. Thanks for the tips. Apple cider vinegar eh? Never thought of that one.

    How do ya do the milk? Spray it on straight from the bottle?


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