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Premium Cultivars Seed Bank

Welcome to Premium Cultivars, where you can buy cannabis seeds online.

Welcome to Premium Cultivars, one of the best online cannabis seed banks in the United States. To provide consumers with excellent marijuana genetics at affordable prices, we work closely with and maintain solid relationships with a number of producers across the country.

Premium Cultivars seed bank
Premium Cultivars seed bank

We provide Feminized and Autoflower seeds in a range of strains, ranging from legendary strains like OG Kush, Jack Herer, and Sour Diesel to incredible modern classics like Obama Runtz, Sundae Driver, and Gushers, all of which are set to become modern icons.

By honoring the past while forging on into the future,

Premium Cultivars will continue to improve our breeding procedures by embracing the past and pushing into the future, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of cannabis genetics and continue to grow.

At Premium Cultivars, we strive for the best cannabis genetics, and we go to great lengths to source the seeds you see for sale on this site. Whether you buy Feminized seeds or Autoflower weed seeds, all of our seeds are bred from genetically stable mother plants and are assured to grow into female plants.

Premium Cultivars is the name of our firm because that is what we sell: the finest quality seeds available; you will not receive bad genetics or weak seeds from us.

We also want to make these incredible seeds available at the most inexpensive pricing possible; everyone should be able to grow the best cannabis seeds at home.


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