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Pukka Seeds Review

Pukka Seeds Review

Pukka Seeds

Pukka Seeds

No longer trading

Sadly an end to an era is upon us;

we are our announcing that as of today (28/09/09) we are no longer trading Pukka Seeds.

We would like to thank all of our customers, resellers, and distributors for their support over the years.


The Pukka Seed Company.

Good bye and good luck may you live long and prosper!

Pukka Seeds are authorised dealers of souvenir cannabis seeds. All seeds supplied are legitimate Sensi Seed Bank Company, Dutch Passion Seed Company, Sagarmatha Seeds, Greenhouse Seeds, Paradise Seeds or The Pukka Seed Company seeds in original bags.

Beware of imitation seed. If they don’t come in the Sensi Seed, Dutch Passion, Sagarmatha Seeds, Greenhouse Seeds, Paradise Seeds or The Pukka Seeds Company original bags and original quantities, they’re not the real deal, just cheap and nasty poor quality copies!! You have been warned.

The Pukka Seeds Company aims to provide a top quality, professional service. All hemp seed is imported fresh from Holland or Switzerland and stored in hermetically sealed bags. We have no such thing as old seeds.

The Pukka Seeds Company aims to provide a very prompt and reliable service. Delivery of most goods can be dispatched the day the cash or postal orders are received. Otherwise, within 2-3 working days. We believe that our goods are of exceptional quality, using only first-rate suppliers that have already established themselves as leading players within this alternative field. Our suppliers constantly test and carry out quality control to ensure the high quality of products.

The Pukka Seed Company believes to have the biggest seed and book collection available at present. We will be constantly updating our product lines to include all of the latest goods.

Pukka Seeds


  1. Bought seeds from seedmadness a few times with no problems, decided to try doggies nuts blueberry expensive but i thought i would get good quality seeds, KEEP WELL AWAY from them – overpriced shit, all 10 seeds bad.

  2. i originally called to buy seeds from serius seeds out of the pukka seeds catalogue however the salesman persuaded me to buy some doggies nuts seeds claiming they were a more reputable producer and that he would provide me a discount on those seeds so i agreed. However two days later the seeds arrived and out of all ten seeds that were sent none germinated. I used several different germination methods and still no joy, absolutely terrible stay away from doggies nuts seeds as they are complete rip off artists with inferior quality seeds

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