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Rick Simpson : “My intention is to destroy the pharmaceutical industry”

Rick Simpson, creator of the world’s most famous marijuana Oil : “My intention is to destroy the pharmaceutical industry”

Rick Simpson : "My intention is to destroy the pharmaceutical industry"


Rick Simpson says medicinal cannabis oil can cure any disease. He certifies that he is living proof of the victory of marijuana over cancer. The Canadian self-exiled in Zagreb, Croatia, spoke exclusively to The Clinic, to tell the history and development of  his cannabis oil formula. 


How did you start in the consumption of cannabis oil?
It began because of an accident I had in 1997. An accident to my head, which resulted in what is known as Post Concussion Syndrome Cerebral, that makes you lose your balance, produces a very loud and annoying noise in your head all day,  I took drugs for a year and did not help me at all, then saw Dr. David Suzuki  on TV  showing patients who use marijuana for medical reasons and had incredible results. I had smoked before, but I had never considered marijuana as a remedy.  I went to buy some weed, smoked it and it worked better than the drugs the doctors had given me. But I was still not getting the sedative effect that I needed, but it helped me sleep.

Whats it like living with a noise in your head?
‘The noise was so intense that I could just sleep a little over an hour before waking deafened. I was constantly exhausted, and by 1999 was desperate, I was ready to commit suicide several times,  it kept getting worse and conventional treatments did not help me.  I had 17 years living with the noise of this shit, but the oil makes it tolerable. If I do not use the oil the noise takes over my head and it drives me crazy. Many people with the same disease I have commit suicide. I have measured the noise at 93 decibels, it is at its lowest when I control it with the oil, sometimes it gets much stronger. To give you an idea, it’s like vacuuming all day … all fucking day. So I asked for a prescription for medical marijuana but the doctors didn’t want to give it to me.

Why not?
They said that my illness was not covered in the medical marijuana program. I asked my doctor what he thought of extracting oil from marijuana and ingesting it, to avoid the smoke problem. He said it would be a much better way to use it, because it prevented the problems associated with smoking. So I went home, I bought some marijuana and made ​​the oil, but I was afraid to use it.

Did you have some reference point to make the oil? Where did you get the formula?
I am an engineer, I understand well how mechanical equipment, in this case is quite simple how it works. I made it with ease, but did not dare to take it for about three years, until 2001, when my doctor told me “there is nothing we can do, the treatment does not work.” So I went home and took the oil, the first week I managed to sleep eight hours every night, the pain in my joints disappeared and I also lost some weight which had increased with the use of prescription drugs.

In 2002  a few spots appeared on my cheeks and on my chest, I had them for some time, they were like bruises, but never healed, so I went to check the doctor and they confirmed the worst news: skin cancer. They put me in a ward immediately for surgery to remove the cancer, a week later the wounds were infected and the doctor told me that they had failed to completely remove the cancer.

Then I remembered some research which postulated that the active Compound THC in marijuana-could eventually kill cancer cells. I took the oil and applied directly to wounds on my cheeks and chest. Four days after the wounds had healed, I could not believe I had even grown hair.

What dangers may arise due to the consumption of marijuana oil?
That was a question I asked myself and I experienced myself, before sharing the oil with someone else. I thought what if I take too high a dose, so I took 3/4 of a gram and put it in my mouth, an hour later I went to bed and I felt a little bad, I tried to move but could not, I started to panic. But then I calmed down and told myself “get up out of this bed, idiot,” and I was able to move and started to feel better. That night I slept great. Natural cannabinoids do not kill, maybe you can stay asleep for a week, but not die.

Did you ever imagine that your formula would travel the world?
Of course not. I started because I wanted to cure my own cancer, when doctors saw the results that had not wanted to comment, I asked but got no answers. I contacted political parties, federal ministries of health, television, the Cancer Society and even the United Nations, no one did anything, I could not believe it, I saw the corruption in its purest form. I never thought this world was so corrupt. Then I started to give my oil to other people with similar problems to mine or other diseases. Besides that, I put information on the Internet so that anyone could make the oil and heal themselves.

But distributing marijuana is illegal …
Very illegal, I was arrested for cultivation, possession and trafficking.  The entire judicial system was on me, they made ​​sure i was found guilty. They knew I had the cure for cancer. But they did not let my patients present testimony and did not consider the evidence that I had presented and that justified everything I said. Even the judge said that, in other circumstances, I would be at the forefront of medical progress. I ended up with a criminal record, I paid $ 2,000 fine and was imprisoned four days, for trying to help. That’s why I came to Europe and not back to Canada, I saw the corruption of the legal system.

Do you think pharmaceutical companies will take over the business?
No. I’ll tell you the truth, my intention is to destroy the pharmaceutical industry. They have known the cure for cancer for 150 years, it is easy to prove that what I say is true. In 1850 all the major pharmaceutical companies that are still standing today, all manufactured medicine made ​​from hemp and other herbs, it was common. But at some point in that time, according to my research, companies realized they had a “cure-all”, a drug that everyone has the right to grow, which would put them out of business. That was why they cloistered and patented recipes and began producing chemicals that make us swallow shit since.

How do you feel knowing that your recipe will be used to extract oil from the first legal marijuana plantation in Latin America?
I’m very happy to hear that as long as not profiting from my formula.

What is your favourite strain? 
I began to cultivate my own strains, because the problem with seed banks is that they really do not know what comes to you. But if I had to standardize my answer I would say my favourite strain White Widow is the best painkiller in the world. But the problem is that if you ask White Widow five different seed banks, will have five different plants, there is no stability in production.

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  1. what a load of RUBBISH… Ricks intention is NOT to destroy the pharmaceutical industry, but to make people aware that pharmaceutical companies, are lying and hiding the thruth about cannabis oil, They don’t want people to know about cannabis oil THC helps fight/cure cancers. So all Rick want is the truth to be told that using the correct Cannabis oil [with high THC] not cbd will help cure most cancers and many other illnesses. And the cheapness free. Where companies and pharmaceutical companies have hopped on the band wagon and told lies to people that cbd treats/cures cancer but it don’t.

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