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Rolling Papers 101

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Rolling Papers 101

Rolling Papers 101, An array of rolling papers can be purchased at head shops, tobacco stores, mini markets, and on the internet,
Rolling papers are small sheets, rolls, or leaves of paper that a consumer can buy for rolling their joints. In its basic
form a rolling paper is a strip that can be customized to any form, shape, or size, and sold in lengths of 70 mm-
110 mm and a range of widths.

The Rolling Paper guideline is as follows…

Free burning (thick), Medium weight, Light weight (fine), and Extra thin (extra fine)  Thick papers are often referred to as free burning, and are easiest to learn to roll with* They also come in handy when rolling marijuana that is moist to the touch.
Papers that are thin allow air to pass through when you inhale, which causes the paper to burn slower. A thin
rolling paper will usually go out within a few seconds if not inhaled, or if placed in an ashtray. The preparation of marijuana prior to rolling is always important* Invest in a grinder and your joints will burn evenly. A grinder will also do away with those annoying stems that can poke holes in your rolling paper  If this does happen to occur, you can take a piece of another paper and use as a bandage


The gumming on paper (which allows paper to stick once moistened) can be all natural gum or a cheaper imitation.Some rolling paper is un-gummed, in which case you would use more saliva to moisture than you would with a gummed paper  A drop of honey can be applied to un-gummed rolling papers, by using only a fine drop to stick* Always use natural or gummed types, and go with thin, natural slow burning paper selections whenever you can.
One of the easiest ways to test rolling paper is by performing what is called ‘The Match lest and is as simple as striking a match to the paper, and seeing how much ash is left over.



elaments_smoking_papers_1_420x300 Elements, which is an ultra thin rice paper (40-50 leaves per packet)* This is considered the highest quality paper using a sugar based glue and burns with almost zero ash, and you get more leaves than most brands* Longer, rice-based rolling papers are also often used to make spliffs or used by connoisseurs for cigarettes of the highest quality.





All the Zen, Elements, Roilies, Chills, RAW, Brown Sugar and flavored and printed papers use natural gums
which are perfect for vegan and environmentally friendly minded customers* They are great to roll with and
continually offer a smooth smoke from start to finish.
raw smoking papers 101RAW papers are so thin its translucent brown with a sugar based glue gum. Made of rice, flax these papers
are natural, unbleached, and chemical free. RAW is said to be the healthiest, is extremely easy to roll with






zen rolling papers 101



Zen is available in a mass of sizes with normal to thin papers that burn very evenly and leave no
aftertaste  Zen is a very popular brand, and extremely wonderful to use.



Joker is a friendly paper, a little thicker and only come with 24 leaves


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