Sannies Seeds Review

 3.1/5 (5)

Sannies Seeds Review

Sannies Seeds Store is the result of a lifetime hobby and passion for growing and choosing weeds seeds. One of the main concepts is the frequent search for healthy and natural products. We think this is the key to optimize both tastes and capacity of our plants.

Sannies Seed Review
Sannies Seed Review

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Sannies Seeds

Sannies Seeds are totally naturally bread, which benefits the wellness and germination percentage. The product assortment in Sannies Seeds Shop is the outcome of years of testing by, particularly distinguished breeders. we are additionally about fast consumer solution and extraordinary after-care.

Sannies Seeds

Sannies Seeds Shop has a large variety of weed seeds to provide, subdivided in Sannie’s Seeds and the Breeders Choice. Sannie’s Seeds cultivated by Sannie himself are the familiar “Sannie Sorts”. The Breeders Selection springs from the cooperation with a selection of leading Breeders and Growers. The seed from the Breeders’ Choice is an option by different breeders who have actually already won their spurs.
All these top quality seeds are supplied at keen costs. Additionally is the delivery of seeds within the Netherlands complimentary of price, and all customers obtained a free sample set of seeds and germination set.

Get 3 packs or even more and get complimentary shipping!

\* With every seed order you get top quality freebies

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\* Reward points to get a rebate or cost-free products

Sannie’s Store is a leader in breeding high-quality cannabis seeds. We are understood for selling weed seeds all over the globe with terrific contentment. Our seeds are A + quality, backed by excellent consumer solution

Sannie is a driven cultivator and marijuana smoker and accepts only the very best of the very best. This is seen in our state-of-the-art seed collection of routine and feminized marijuana seeds.

Humboldt nutrients

we have an option of specialized natural nutrients like: Humboldt Nutrients, BAC Nutrients and Sannies Reviews Products.

 3.8/5 (5)
 4.8/5 (5)
 3.8/5 (5)
 3.8/5 (5)
 4.6/5 (5)


  1. His KO Kush was just ridiculous.
    My friends called it “Kushion” ie you may need a pillow right away.
    Super potent grass. 100% germination too.

  2. Anyone who give sannies a bad review is either lying or lying.
    There is no doubt in my mind those reviews are bogus.
    his gear is top shelf, and he always answers emails in a timely manner.
    I have been growing for well over 30 yrs and have been ripped off by many seed dealers. Sannies was not one of them.
    His gear is always as described. His freebies are always in a test mode so those are up and down. I loved his chemd x afg cross but didn’t care for the Mad shack freebie. It got you stoned but the taste was not my cup of tea. But like I said freebies.
    The purchased gear is always top shelf. Extrema, kolossus,sugar punch, jack berry all were what the description said they were. Kick as genetics.
    As far as delivery goes. If you get the tracking number you will have a link to follow your seeds. He definitely mails them. So what happens after than is up to YOU. If you’re too cheap and stupid to not opt for tracking then don’t complain about sannies delivery service. I have always gotten my gear but I always get the tracking.

  3. Sannies seeds is a person copying strains, they are a young seed company with only a few months of experience, i did not like any of the 4 strains i boyught, no potency, a pure lost of time, the cartoon design of their website give you an idea of the pathetic spirit they work with. be aware of their poor diluted crosses and a customer service to simply ignore you in case of shipping troubles

    1. John, That is the most pathetic, lying review for a seedbank I have ever seen.

      Anybody that has dealt with Sannie and knows his work automatically knows you couldn’t be more full of shit.

      I cant even imagine how low a person could be or the motive to lie about somebody like that.

      I feel sorry for your sad petty life.

  4. Best prices If you like Jack H and SS Haze strains. Sugar Punch is always in my stock…the only feminized strain that I grow.

  5. I have nothing but good to say about Sannie and his shop.

    Seeds have had 100% germ rate so far, comms are top notch, stealth is great and prices for the value of strains is unimaginable.

    I’m from Scandinavia

  6. bad seeds, no high feeling, very downpressing loaded effect, will not grow them anymore, bad service, it is juts a group of newbies grower from 2008, they ahve no culture. Escobar seeds also were such shit

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