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Seed Madness Seed Bank

Seed Madness Seedbank

What brought you to Seed Madness ???

 seed madness

Visit Seed Madness

Perhaps you want to see the massive range of fresh cannabis seeds with over 900 strains from 40 worldwide famous cannabis seed banks held at seedmadness so that you get more for your money – see Special Offers and Most Popular
Maybe you want to know how discrete and safe we are at seed madness – see FAQ’s Privacy and Security

Maybe you want to see if Seed Madness are a genuine, trustworthy and honest company – see Money Back Guarantee and Price Match Guarantee

Maybe you would like to know how you can pay for the seeds and how they would be shipped to you – see Delivery and FAQ’s

Or perhaps you are just curious – wondering if seed madness are as good as all our worldwide customers are saying. If you are reading this you are obviously very cautious and please be assured that we are the same as you. We have been in your shoes so someone with your obvious knowledge and experience should buy from us.

Whatever brought you to seedmadness, we hope you find this site interesting, maybe funny in places, informative, perhaps even inspiring … but above all helpful.

You will see we offer many things and have helped many very varied types of customers in many countries.

But through it all runs one common thread: a focus on high quality, high value and even higher times. Giving you more confidence and satisfaction with every coin, you spend.

This means you feel safe and secure when ordering either online or on the telephone. It means getting more for your money from a knowledgeable and experienced company. It means a feeling of accomplishment and security.

In short it means seedmadness treat all our customers as friends, giving you the easiest and safest way to buy the freshest seeds.

What will you find at Seed Madness Seed Bank?

Some of Seed Madness Special Offers

FREE Newsletter with very interesting articles and chances to win FREE seeds.

The opportunity to check out some great links from our Friends

And, of course, information on how to get hold of us

Start browsing through the Seed MadnessĂ‚ site – and please do send us your comments.

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  1. I tried ordering from this company – but they will not accept international money orders and I cannot find a place in the USA that will issue a MO denominated in GBP like they are asking. How the hell do you order from these guys without using a credit cards or sending cash?

  2. well i ordered two months ago still no order…great communication telling me what i needed to hear, speaks a good game, but hasent delivered.sold out i pick another strain. get run around OFFERING ME FEM SEEDS FOR SAME PRICE, no thanks..i dont do fem seeds.tell them i will go with my second choice please send.10 days later that one is now sold out. dragging there feet hoping the new shipment will arrive but no worries, we will send you a free hat or shirt…great, can i smoke it? hmmm..i visit there site today and i see my selection back in stock…checked my secure e/mail that i been using and no comunication telling me my order has been dispached…so i have another e/mail out again. WISH ME LUCK

  3. I was looking for Soma and DNA gear but both were way more expensive than the tude

    Why do they charge more?

    I thought attitude was over priced- Sheesh

  4. Greetings from Russia)

    January 21 payment – February 6 received in the mail. More time sending mail to Russia hanging on.

    Super Lemon Haze x Tangerine Dream’s. In the gift received G13 Haze. Satisfied)
    Packaging, Support, Friendly all 5 +
    I recommend, both for friends in Europe and the world.

    Peace from RU)

  5. i just placed my first order with seedmadness – thanks to all of the great reviews on this site. this is my first order of this kind and am pretty nervous. but i feel confident i have nothing to worry about thanks to all of you!!! as soon as i get my package (which i opted to NOT have the package signed for upon delivery because i am hardly ever home during the day due to college and work) i will be back to provide a full testimony of my experience!!! THANKS!!

  6. Well – what can I say!
    After Dr Hermans had to stop selling feminised seeds I had to find somewhere else.
    Found this lot on Google and from my initial telephone contact, subequent visit to their shop on the outskirts of Bradford, and friendly service I had a great experience.
    Will defo use again & tell my mates to do the same!

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