Seedism Seed bank review

Seedism Seed bank review

Seedism Seed Bank Review
Seedism Seed Bank Review

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Seedism Seed bank review

We have  just released our 2012 seed option, adding 5 new female strain to our unique collection of heavy striking hybrids

Superglue and Milk, both originating from our “Classic” choice, are now available as female strain due to preferred strains

Elvis is a Skunk # 1 v AK47 hybrid, integrating two of the most preferred strains, Big red is our variation of a Strawberry Cough with a Kushy twist, promising a distinct taste

And our most expected release this year is the mighty HEX, this is our first hybrid with our finest BLZBud, hybridized to excellence with the infamous C99


Now you can get our product and services directly from our site

Not just do we sell our range of exclusive genetic makeups, we also hooked up with Amazon to offer you the finest books and various other helpful items we suggest

Go to our store and discover what is on offer

Our on-line store is available in selected countries just, inspect our shipping guide prior to your place your order


We have actually just released a couple of video’s on our Youtube stations.

Exclusive sneak peeks of the Seedism gardens

Grow diaries from our clients

Upload your very own video’s to the Seedism channel

When we release them, Visit Youtube and subscribe to the Seedism channel and be the first to see our special videos.

Grab some snacks, make yourself comfy and look into the celebrities of Seedism’s 2012 collection.

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