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Skunk #1 Review

Skunk #1 Review

Skunk #1 Review
Skunk #1 Review


Flowering Time: 45-50 days

Grown Indoor or Outdoor?: Indoors
Indoor Yield: 500 grams/m2
Type: 75% Sativa, 25% Indica
Parents: Afhani, Mexican Acapulco Gold, Columbian Gold
THC Level: 14-16%
Buzz: Very strong ‘up’ high
Smell: Soft and sweet aroma
Taste: Skunky and sweet taste

 Skunk #1 Review

Skunk # 1 was appropriately named for its strong scent. A classic strain that was initially bred in Holland and is most likely the most famous marijuana strain known today. It was the first sinsemilla marijuana variety and was also the first stabilized hybrid established for indoor cultivation. Skunk # 1 come from in the 1970s in the California bay location.

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The initial Skunk Strain hybrids was a cross in between 25 % Afghani, 25 % Mexican Acapulco Gold, and 50 % Colombian Gold. Through numerous generations of extensive selections and back-crossing the best Skunk plants were stabilized into the first true-breeding Indica-Sativa hybrid, Skunk # 1.

 Skunk Marijuana Review

Due to the effectiveness of this Skunk Number 1, ‘skunk’ is commonly utilized as a name for any kind of strong cannabis. Skunk # 1 is considereded a standard of dependable and uniform performance, and its genotype has considerably affected lots of many contemporary hybrids.

Skunk # 1 has bountiful yields and energetic performance that is well-known for. It primarily looks like Indica plants in appearance, with a slight increase in height than various other Indica while flowering. The additional dark green leaves of this strain derive from the Afghanica forefathers and provides terrific contrast with the lime-green grow tips.

Flowering in Skunk # 1 is extremely fast and the plant has durable stems and branches to support the heavy yields. Brief internode spaces change into dense, rounded clusters of flowers that merge into substantial, heavy terminal buds at the end of the blooming phase. The fan leaves present numerous shades of color when its reaching completion of flowering phase as the plant focuses its energy on bud and resin production. The long pistils, gorgeous calyxes and expanding bud development as harvest approaches considerably looked like Skunk # 1s Sativa heritage.

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