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Speed Curing Weed

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Speed Curing Weed



Curing your medical weed is the last process of all the effort and labor you put into your growing process. Curing is the slow drying stage that follows the complete, outdoors drying stage of harvest. Treating allows the dampness of the bud to disperse evenly around the bud and allows the bud to gradually dry at an even rate which permits max psychoactive THC. Curing additionally offers the bud a much smoother smoke and it will certainly burn extremely evenly. For some suggestions and tricks to curing marijuana, click right here: Ways to Cure Marijuana

Right here is a simple and quick method for faster curing of marijuana:.

You will need the following supplies:.


Speed Curing Weed

Mason container, or similar container Wad of toilet tissue or paper towels plastic bag. Small cooking area knife.

1.) Put the bag on top of the jar, in preparation to make small cuts/holes in the plastic.


Speed Curing Weed


2.) Make a number of cuts in the plastic while holding it securely against the rim of the container.


Speed Curing Weed


3.) Put the wad of paper between the lid and the plastic.


Speed Curing Weed


4.) Screw the lid on, sealing the container with the paper wad separated from your buds at the top of the jar. This dry paper will certainly assist eliminate even more of the wetness from the jar without having to open the jar a lot. Simply open it when a day and replace the wet paper wad with a fresh dry one until curing is complete.


Speed Curing Weed


It is not necessarily suggested to artificially speed along the curing process. This process offers the bud its final touch of taste and adds an additional quantity of psychoactivity to the continuing to be THC that can be hampered if the treating or drying procedure is rushed. It must be a goal to make the procedure take as long as it should, in order to make sure the optimum potential of your harvest. If you are in a time crunch, a much faster curing technique might be utilized, simply understand that the quality will be slightly reduced than if you were to cure the bud at it’s more natural rate.

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