The cannabis industry has created 243,700 new jobs in the US

As of January 2020, the legal cannabis industry in the United States (medical + legalization) has created over 240,000 new jobs.

In the past year alone, 33,700 jobs have been opened, which is an additional 15% increase every year.  According to a new report published by the Lippley website.

According to data from the US cannabis industry, which is worth over $10 billion a year. It has the fastest growth rate in America, rising from 122,800 jobs in 2017 to 149,300 jobs in 2018, to 211,000 jobs in 2019 and 243,700 jobs in 2020.

cannabis job growth Hundreds of thousands of new jobs - a steady increase every year
Hundreds of thousands of new jobs – a steady increase every year
The cannabis industry - the fastest growing in the US
Cannabis industry – the fastest growing US

The most prominent job makers in the industry are states that legalize legalization and not just medical cannabis. Such as California with 39,804 cannabis jobs, Colorado with 34,705, Washington with 23,756, and Oregon with 18,274. But Florida (15,498) and Arizona with (15,059).

In detail, according to The full report Of the new 243,700 jobs, 165,730 are jobs in 11 US states that are fully licensed for recreational and medical cannabis. The rest are from states with only medical cannabis.

US states with the most jobs in the cannabis industry

By the end of 2020 there might be 5 other states which will join the cannabis legalization revolution and 11 states that have already done so. To the list of updated cannabis laws in all US states click here.

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