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The difference between natural and purified CBD

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The difference between natural and purified CBD. CBD products can be used for different purposes depending on the composition. So they can be purchased in the form of dietary supplements, cosmetic products or as medicines.

The difference between natural and purified CBD
The difference between natural and purified CBD

The strength and type of effect depend on various factors, including whether it is natural CBD derived from plants or so-called purified or synthetic CBD. So what exactly is the difference between natural and purified CBD?

“Natural CBD” means that the active ingredient was obtained directly from the plant and that the natural ratio of the other contained cannabinoids in the final product has been preserved. Synthetic CBD, on the other hand, has an altered active ingredient content and, for example, generally contains only minor amounts of the psychoactive THC.

CBD is usually obtained by various extraction processes from commercial or industrial hemp. The products often have a CBD content of more than 4% and contain less than 0.2% THC. This THC limit is set by the legislation for over-the-counter CBD products.

However, the problem here is that it is hardly possible to breed hemp varieties that have such a high CBD content and at the same time a negligible THC content. It is therefore very difficult to obtain natural CBD that complies with the legal limits for THC.   For this reason, methods have been developed to reduce the THC content of such naturally extracted extracts.  With these methods, however, it may happen that the potentially healing effect of the product is partly lost.

For example, in the recent past, several scientists have begun studies on the mode of action of natural and purified CBD. For example, a research team from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem investigated the effect of the two different types of CBD on their suitability as pain and anti-inflammatory agents. Initially, experiments were performed on mice and later on humans, and the results showed that the differences can sometimes be serious.

The administration of purified CBD showed an increasing effect by increasing the dosage, but only up to a certain limit point. From a certain dose, the effect could not be increased by increased addition of the purified CBD.

On the contrary, sometimes even after this point, a reduction of the effect could be observed despite increasing the dose. The effect diagram was therefore bell-shaped because the effect increased to a limit point and then fell off again just as. The study was named ” Overcoming the Bell-Shaped Dose-Response of Cannabidiol by Using Cannabis Extract Enriched in Cannabidiol .”

To improve comparability, the scientists then used a natural CBD of the variety Avidekel to treat the same symptoms, which has a very high CBD content of 18% and a THC content of 1%. When increasing the dose administered, it could be observed that the magnitude of the effect was directly proportional to the increase in the dose.

No limit point was observed over 24 hours as with the administration of purified CBD. The researchers were thus able to show with this experiment that natural CBD is significantly better suited for the treatment of inflammatory diseases as synthetic or purified CBD. You suspect that this is because the natural CBD product includes the entire natural cannabinoid spectrum.

Thus, the researchers were able to demonstrate that contained in naturally extracted extracts of hemp plant substances that can influence the mode of action of CBD and improve its effect or strengthen. It is therefore spoken of so-called synergy between the respective cannabinoids.

Overall it can, therefore, be said that with natural CBD a higher dosage and thus a stronger effect of the respective product is possible. By contrast, the effect of purified or synthetic CBD can only be increased to a certain extent by an increase in the dose, after which the effect may even be retrograde. For conditions requiring a high dose of CBD, it is therefore advised to use products containing natural CBD from CBD-rich and low-THC cannabis strains.

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