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The real reason why stoners are the more creative people

Cannabis consumers like to say grass makes them more creative. But is that true?

The real reason why stoners are the more creative people. Cannabis consumers like to say grass makes them more creative. But is that true? And if so, is it really the case? Psychologists now provide the answer. And she does not have much to do with the green cabbage.

The real reason why stoners are the more creative people
The real reason why stoners are the more creative people

The real reason why stoners are the more creative people

Bob-Marley jointBob Marley was never without, even Jay Z and Snoop Dogg swear by it and even Steve Jobs said that it made him creative. We’re talking about cannabis.

There are some people who rely on a small bag for their creative work to have the big idea, the sparkling idea. And even if we can no longer imagine a life without “Is this Love”, “99 Problems” and an iPhone, the question arises:

Is cannabis really helping to be creative? Or do creative people just smoke more often?

This question also interested Emily LaFrance and Carrie Cuttler of the Department of Psychology of Washington State University. Therefore, they examined the connection between creativity and cannabis use. LaFrance’s motivation was not altruistic:

“I started to get interested in this topic because I realized that some of my favorite musicians and artists are known for their cannabis use, and that this consumption has generally been seen as the cause of many artists’ creative success.”

For their study, which appeared in the journal “Consciousness and Cognition,” 412 cannabis consumers and 309 non-consumers should undergo a series of psychological and creative tests. In addition, all subjects were asked to rate how creative they are and how many creative products-objects, books, art, or music-created them in the past.

The results of the psychological tests showed that cannabis users were generally more extroverted and more open to new experiences.

They also reported a higher level of artistic creativity than non-users. At the same time, however, their number of creative works or accomplishments was no greater than that of non-cannabis users.

Potheads also performed better in the creative test for convergent thinking than non-stoners. Convergent thinking refers to a creative process of limiting possible solutions, so finding a correct answer is a way of solving problems.

However, the statistical link between cannabis use and creativity disappeared when researchers considered the effect of openness to experience in the analyzes.

Cannabis consumers only partially show more creativity.

The results of the study suggest that cannabis consumers may be more creative, but not because cannabis smoking increases their creativity.

“Instead, cannabis consumers tend to have other personality traits than non-consumers, they are more open. And this openness to experience is linked to increased creativity and cannabis use, “says psychologist LaFrance.

So creativity does not depend on whether someone gets a joint or not. It depends on certain personality traits, in the case of openness to new experiences. And this personality trait also increases the likelihood of consuming cannabis.

What must be mentioned restrictively: The study examined only sober cannabis users. However, previous research has found evidence that cannabis intoxication is associated with a temporary increase in divergent thinking, another form of creativity. Further research is needed to reach final conclusions.

In any case, the study of the two psychologists is one of the first to examine the role of different personality traits between consumers and non-users in terms of creativity. And it shows that nobody automatically becomes a Picasso just because he smokes a joint.



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