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Vertical garden with Rockwool slabs

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Vertical garden with Rockwool slabs


You want to have your own cannabis garden, however you do not have a huge yard or any spare rooms inside. You thought of renting an area elsewhere, but that will cost you cash. You are essentially on a tight budget, and including an additional cost is not so smart. What are you going to do?

Have you every heard of vertical growing? Well, it is a modern kind of gardening that is perfect for little spaces. While the conventional method is to plant vegetables, crops, and others on the ground, vertical gardening makes best use of the area off the ground.

Here is a brilliant Vertical Garden System by “Heath Robinson” a innovator of many Vertical Garden Ideas and cannabis growing systems which includes recirculating systems ( undercurrent) this particular design harvested 52 Oz of dried bud from just 2 x 600w bulbs! specs are  18 Aqua trays holding Rockwool slabs. Fed from the top by a dripper. The slabs drain to a rez from guttering running around the bottom of the slabs which is in turn pumped around the Vertical garden with Rockwool slabs system.

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