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Whats The Best Fertilizer For Growing Marijuana In Soil

Growing Marijuana Guide - Soil

Whats The Best Fertilizer For Growing Marijuana In Soil?. Now you have your seeds, but nowhere to plant them. You need some soil for your marijuana grows.
The soil will be in many respects both the home and the food for your marijuana plant, so it should be taken seriously. Many veteran growers develop their own mixtures of raw soil, nutrients, and absorptive material, but when you’re starting out, it’s best to find some commercial potting soil.

Whats The Best Fertilizer For Growing Marijuana In Soil
Whats The Best Fertilizer For Growing Marijuana In Soil

Growing Marijuana Guide – Soil

Soil character is specified by the ratio of three elemental components, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium, usually written N:P:K. Marijuana likes to grow in a soil that is rich in Nitrogen, so find a soil with a higher N value and lower P and K values. A typical good ratio is 20:10:10.

The growing requirements of marijuana are nearly identical to growing tomatoes. If you are buying growing supplies from a store in which the staff is not knowledgeable in cannabis growing, you can ask for advice regarding growing tomatoes to the same effect.

Many people prefer using organic soil for growing marijuana, but as long as it has the appropriate N:P:K ratio, good acidity, and enough plant food to feed the plant for three months, it should work fine. Another ideal characteristic is that the soil protects against over and under watering. Some soil manufacturers include materials that take care of this. While it is still very important to control your watering, this will help provide you with a margin of error.

Advanced Soil Options

For a slightly more advanced choice, you can go with a good organic soil medium, and carefully mix in some organic nutrients for a proper growing environment. If you decide to go with this organic soil and nutrient solution for your marijuana grow, make sure you carefully follow the nutrient mixture and watering schedule. Thinking more is always better will result in you burning your plants and possibly compromising your marijuana harvest. The benefits of using these more advanced methods will be in possibly a more robust harvest. The drawbacks are more work and more margin of error.

For an organic soil choice for you grow, Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil simply is the marijuana growers choice. FoxFarm has other quality growing mediums, but they are not always optimum for a cannabis grow. There are many other fine quality growing mediums around. Humboldt Flower Products is also a very fine choice. However they are limited in their supply, and purchasing their products is difficult and slightly more expensive, even online.

One last word on soil is that there are as many recipes for the perfect soil as there are cannabis growers. The fact is that optimizing your grow soil to this degree is growing way beyond work vs reward ratio. Start out small and basic and then decide to work on highly optimizing your soil in your own small increments.

Whats The Best Fertilizer For Growing Marijuana In Soil

Now we have our high-quality organic soil, we are going to have to also use some high-quality organic nutrients added to our watering schedule. Again Fox Farm provides a good choice for high-quality nutrients needed for growing marijuana.

Fox Farm soil nutrient schedule
Fox Farm soil nutrient schedule

They have a three step organic-based fertilizer and plant food liquid nutrients system. To use these products; simply mix with the correct ratio of water and use for your watering cycle in every other plant watering. So have one watering jug filled with clean water, while the other contains the proper nutrients mixture.

Each type of nutrient should be added at different ratios during different weeks of the plant’s development that I have outlined in the chart below. Also be sure when adding nutrients to the water, you never mix any two nutrients together even if they both should be used at the same time. Always add the nutrients to the water separately.

Final note on marijuana grow mediums

There are alternative growing mediums to use. Another popular technique is the hydroponic method of growing marijuana. It involves growing marijuana in a reservoir of water and nutrients. The plant is held in some solid medium while the root system is suspended in the reservoir where it can absorb nutrients. This method tends to be more complicated and more expensive, but because you are able to control the nutrients the plant receives directly, you can end up with a bigger yield.





  1. Hi medMUser,
    Good info, I particularly like the tip about pre-blending your compost early I know many growers make their blends just before use.
    Pre-blending is especially important when using organic ferts like blood meal and or horse manure to allow the natural organisms present to break the organic material into nutrients and micronutrients which can be used by the plants.


  2. I like Ocean Forest. I mix it 50/50 with Dr. Earth’s Potting Soil & add that to my compost just before spring so all the goodies from the c post & the potting soils can all get along. 😉 I also add extra blood meal & a bit of fresh humic acid when adding the mix to the soil plots. I don’t add much if any ferts during veg but add Epsom salts & molasses from the health food store later in the season just before flowering starts.

    My compost is heavy on horse manure, about 70%. To that I add old fruit, veggies, alfalfa hay & leaves.


    1. I forgot to say that I use humic acid when adding stuff to the compost before it breaks down as the HA helps break stuff down for mulch & the plants like it.


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