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Which cannabis strain to buy

What To Consider When Choosing Your Seeds?

Which cannabis strain to buy?. There are thousands of different genetics on the market for our cannabis plants. Juggling the definitions that identify the seeds to buy is not a difficult task if you have the basic knowledge that you will find in our guide. Each variety has unique characteristics: specific cultural needs, unique flavors, and aromas, and a different ratio between cannabinoids.

The Characteristics Of Seeds

Which cannabis strain to buy
Which cannabis strain to buy

Which cannabis strain to buy?

In the catalog of the seed bank from which you will buy the seed, you will find a table showing the main characteristics of each variety.


Cannabis plants are divided into Indica Sativa and Ruderalis. According to studies on the origins of the plant, all the existing varieties to date come from the cross between these 3 subspecies.

Flowering time

Each variety has different flowering times. Those that need more time can take up to 3 months while the autoflowering varieties reach the right degree of maturity even in 8 weeks.

Height and yield

These two aspects are certainly related. A small plant will produce a lower yield than a tall, sturdy plant. It is very important to evaluate the size of your grow space before starting, especially if you do not know the techniques for modeling the structure of the branches.

Percentage of THC / CBD

THC and CBD are the most famous cannabinoids among those produced from the resin of the plant. CBD, the non-psychotropic component, working in synergy with THC, responsible for the psychoactive effects, mitigates the action that the latter has on us.

Percentage of THC / CBD
Percentage of THC / CBD

All seeds are also identified through the use of the terms: regular, feminized and autoflowering.

Regular Seeds

Cannabis plants in their natural environment are referred to as “dioecious“. Both female and male specimens can be born and only female plants produce inflorescences rich in cannabinoids. It is, therefore, necessary to identify the sex promptly and separate the males from the females to avoid pollination. These varieties, in addition to reaching considerable size, depend on the photoperiod, that is, the growth phases are marked by the ratio between hours of light and dark.

Feminized Seeds

This category of seeds is obtained through a specific process and generates a female plant in 99% of cases. The elimination of male specimens from the genetic makeup favors less experienced growers while also guaranteeing an abundant harvest since the size of the plant remains unchanged compared to regular seeds.

Feminized seeds are also photoperiod dependent. If we grow indoors we are able to decide when to start the flowering phase. But if we grow outdoors we must consider the changing seasons and the variation in the hours of light and dark. See Making your own feminized cannabis seeds

Autoflowering seeds

The autoflowering seeds are born from the cross between a feminized variety and a variety native to the areas of central Russia, called “Ruderalis”. These plants have characteristics that make them an ideal choice for those new to cannabis horticulture.

Years of research and selection have improved the attributes of these hybrids to ensure a satisfactory yield and a quality product. Cold climates and hostile environments have made these varieties resistant to pests and diseases, forgiving also some cultivation errors during the growth phases. They also feature small size and easily manageable.

Unlike regular or feminized seeds, autoflowering cannabis plants are not photoperiod dependent. Their degree of maturity depends exclusively on the age of the specimen.See Growing autoflowering varieties Indoors.

What To Consider When Choosing Your Seeds?

Among all the distinctive features listed above, there are some to be considered more carefully for the success of our business. The effect that marijuana will have on us and the flavors and smells it will give off are overshadowed if we fail to reach the end of the growing cycle.

Regular, Feminized, or Autoflowering?

Regular, Feminized, or Autoflowering seeds?

Among these 3 choices, for those who have never grown a cannabis plant and have little or no experience in gardening, it is advisable to choose an autoflowering variety. In addition to being resistant to any errors, molds, and parasites, you won’t have to worry about the photoperiod.

Clearly, all choices have pros and cons. Plants that take longer to recover more easily from stunted growth and smaller ones will produce a smaller yield but will adapt better to the growing space. By improving our skills and experimenting with new techniques we will be able to handle even the most difficult regular seeds.

Growing space: Size and Time

Growing space: Size and Time

The choice of the environment in which we will grow our cannabis plants is certainly the first aspect to take into consideration. We can grow outdoors, both in the ground and in pots, in a greenhouse or indoors. If the regulations in your country allow you, you can give life to real cannabis trees.

If you are forced to use confined spaces such as small grow boxes or have to keep prying eyes away from your grow, then it is important that you consider the size of the plant at the end of its flowering cycle.

Opting for outdoor cultivation you will also have to consider the climate to choose when to plant the seed. It is necessary to understand when the temperature will become stable so as not to expose newly-born plants to dangerous night frosts.

In the case of photoperiod plants, the variation in the hours of light will also affect the correct development of the plant: the vegetative phase requires at least 18 hours of light, while the flowering period begins when the hours of light and darkness are the same (12/12 ).

Cannabis Flavors and Sensations

cannabis Flavors and Sensations
cannabis Flavors and Sensations

Experienced cannabis users are aware of the effects each strain brings. Some are simply looking for a recreational high, which justifies the production of plants with higher and higher THC levels. Others need specific varieties for the treatment of various kinds of pathologies, from nausea to insomnia to pain therapy in all its aspects.

For enthusiasts, the flavors and aromas released by the inflorescences are not a secondary aspect in the choice of the seed. Cannabis has infinite organoleptic nuances, even in coloring.

Now that you have an overview of what are the fundamental aspects of the choice of the seed and you are able to read the data that identify each variety, start your research by relying on reliable seed banks because from a poor seed a poor plant will be born.


Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis: Thank you for being the “Gateway drug” to perpetual inspiration, compassion, benevolence, and medicinal miracles: Cannabis grower, photographer with a long experience in cannabis cultivation. His articles are journalistic reports of places where cannabis is already legally cultivated and owned. They are intended to give an impression of the wide range of cannabis cultivation. These reports are intended to help identify the truth about cannabis and reduce prejudice.

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