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Will Smoking One Joint Show Up In A Drug Test

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Will Smoking One Joint Show Up In A Drug Test. Recreational, but also medical patients who are using cannabis often ask themselves the question of how long marijuana products or their chemical substances are still detectable in the body.

Overall, this is a difficult question to answer, unfortunately, there are still no measurable limits for hashish and marijuana to date, such as in alcohol. On the other hand obviously, everyone reacts a little differently to cannabis and its extracts.

In addition, the test itself is dependent on the method used and there is a great difference to the degradability of cannabis in the blood or just in the hair,

Heavy cannabis use is also much more likely to linger in the system than someone who had a  joint at the party a week ago. And anyone who consumes hashish and marijuana, daily, without a break, will have a different THC value than casual infrequent use.

Let’s take a look at the different methods and body fluids that the police and the judiciary may order you to use for a cannabis test.

Cannabis traceability in urine

This is the most common test to clarify what is sometimes used by the highway patrol or in the context of a prescribed withdrawal from cannabis.

Fast, cheap and relatively reliable – the urine test for THC and its metabolites is popular with law enforcement officers and because the cannabinoid is stored in body fat. Traceability is clearly dependent on the amount of cannabis consumed. The numbers are very clear:

  • One-time consumption up to 7 days
  • frequent consumption up to 15 days
  • Regular consumption up to 30 days
  • very strong regular consumption up to 75 days – cannabis is more than 2 months in this case via the urine test detectable!

Tips for passing the urine test for potheads:  (Dont blame me if you dont pass!!).  Unfortunately there is no really reliable way to purify the urine from the cannabis traces.

Usually it does not matter to cannabis users, how long THC stays in the urine, it is more about the passing of the test. And to this end some even resort to artificial urine!.

Drinking a lot of water is unreliable because extra diluted urine can alert the officials.

Please forget these hints and try the following: Mix fruit pectin , available on the internet or at the health food store, with an energy drink that has the proper electrolytes at the start.

This brew you drink in the days before the urine test and please drink with water and a few vitamin B pills .

In principle, the fiber contained in the pectin act positively in the discharge of THC, but of course that is no guarantee you will pass the urine test for cannabis!

Cannabis detectability in saliva

If any judge at the insistence of an eager prosecutor just ordered a saliva sample on cannabis, then you have at least a chance: The method used especially in road traffic has the shortest detection time for THC in your saliva compared to urine or blood, Therefore, far more relaxed limits apply here:

  • One-time consumption up to 24 hours
  • regular consumption up to 72 hours
  • very strong regular consumption up to 1-week detectability of cannabis in saliva.

Incidentally, there is a chewing gum called Clear Choice Oral Clear, which cleans your oral mucosa completely from residues after smoking in less than a minute, but only for half an hour!

Cannabis traceability in the hair

A hair test usually looks for drug use in the last 90 days and cannabis is usually found around the 7 days after cannabis has been consumed.

Hair samples in suspected cannabis or marijuana use is rather rare  because the cost is simply too high, By the way, there are a lot of shampoos to be found on the market which claim to remove the traces, but I’m not really convinced whether all the traces of cannabis can really be eliminated in this way.

Cannabis detectability in the blood

Finally, of course, the classic drug test, A  blood test is infrequently used again largely due to costs and here again  THC and its metabolites are not  detectable for a particularly long time:

  • One-time consumption up to 24 hours
  • frequent consumption up to 3 days
  • regular consumption up to 1-week traceability of cannabis.

Based on these basic values, you can prepare yourself for the corresponding tests, even if this makes little sense in the case of a traffic stop. we would recommend abstinence, especially if the order is made by a judge, as you always lower your tolerance threshold by taking a break from marijuana consumption and the next joint is then just a bit more likely to show up in a test.

We also recommend that you read through our extensive article on the topic with more information, tips, tricks, and comments!



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