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Do you ship to my location?
We ship items worldwide to any destination.
But you are strongly advised to check your national laws and read our terms and conditions before placing and order..

What forms of payment do you accept?
For the moment we only accept bank transfers and cash payments. Our preferred currency is euro [€]
Bank tranfers should be directed to :
Reciever: Grey & Green I/S – Fredensgade 3-5 – 2200 Copenhagen N – Denmark
Bank: Ringkoebing Landbobank – 6950 Ringkoebing – Denmark
Account: 76702605421
IBAN: DK4276700002605421
Use your online bank or give the payment details to your bank.
Please make sure that you as a customer pays ALL national and international banking fees.

How are the seeds packed / shipped?
All seeds are packed in blisterpack and shipped in bubble envelopes.
Where do I send letters ?
This is our address:
Grey & Green I/S
Fredensgade 3-5
DK-2200 Copenhagen
How long will the delivery take?
Delivery should be expected within 3-21 days from the date of shipping, however, this depend on your local postal service.
My order have been damaged in the post, can they be replaced?
If your order arrives crushed or otherwise damaged, please return ALL the seeds in the original package to us. Please return the damaged items along with proof of purchase, including the original packing material and we will replace them.. Proof of purchase required consists of copy of shipping confirmation or invoice..


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