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To Add a Cannabis Strain to the Strain reviews section, first check the list of Strain Reviews  to see if it is already listed

If the Strain is not currently listed on Best Seed Bank,  and you’d like to leave a review for others to read, we’d be happy to list it. Leave your review below, making sure you mention which Strain and Breeder you are reviewing, and image if possible and we’ll create a listing for the cannabis strain and breeder and move your review as soon as possible.

The Rating Categories are:

Overall Rating: How good the strain is considering all factors.

Yield: Typical Harvest amounts.

Odour Level: How strong the odour level is.

Taste: The flavor of the Strain.

Ease of Growth: How easy the Strain was to grow and flower.

Potency: How strong the effect is.

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  1. Grape Gum is a well balanced combination of Elv8’s Grape Slushie & Bubblegum. Resulting cross is a bright green hybrid with a sweet smell resembling grape bubblegum. Smoking effects have the body & mind buzzing quickly with effects of Indica genetics kicking in instantly but not long after sativa effects soon kick in.

    This plant grows fairly thick and bushy during vegetative stages. But not too bushy where defoliating becomes a burden. And once blooming begins she will stretch out quite a bit showing off her sativa traits. Buds form very evenly in size & density.


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