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  1. Hello david,

    sorry to hear of your troubles, the contact form on original sensible seeds isnt easy to find first of all visit this link

    type anything you like into the search box below the “Describe the problem you are having” text

    You might have to refresh the page if noting happens the first time!

    A list of options will open up, go to the bottom and click the button which says “no thanks Add New Ticket”

    A form will open for you to tell them your problem you will also need your order number.

    good luck

  2. Hello Leroy,

    OriginalSensible Seeds is highly rated because of the customer reviews by hundreds of reviewers giving positive reviews of their experiences. I have checked the site and it is fine. Try using a different browser or clearing your cookies it might be something a simple as that.

    You should try contacting them using the info given to David, if you dont receive your seeds or are not happy with what they have to say by all means leave a review good or bad HERE

    good luck