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7 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. seeds arrived with in 1 week to United States cant waite to start, just wanted to say thank you 2413 michael

  2. I did a trial order with Original sensible seed co. the packet came smashed and all seeds were no good. not a one germinated. Very disappointed with their service. all attempts to contact them have been unsuccessful.
    I am a legal medical grower here in Oregon and was researching who’s product and service is worth the effort. I would have to tell my people never to order from their site again. If this is not corrected in a timely manner.

    If you can forward this to them I would appreciate it, they do not have an email listed at their web site.

    1. Hello david,

      sorry to hear of your troubles, the contact form on original sensible seeds isnt easy to find first of all visit this link

      type anything you like into the search box below the “Describe the problem you are having” text

      You might have to refresh the page if noting happens the first time!

      A list of options will open up, go to the bottom and click the button which says “no thanks Add New Ticket”

      A form will open for you to tell them your problem you will also need your order number.

      good luck

  3. Ordered seeds on the 11th of January 2015. I was emailed to let me know my order was shipped on the 15th….I still haven’t received them…did I get ripped off by a highly rated seedbank on your site? Even accessing their website seems impossible…try it yourself?????

    1. Hello Leroy,

      OriginalSensible Seeds is highly rated because of the customer reviews by hundreds of reviewers giving positive reviews of their experiences. I have checked the site and it is fine. Try using a different browser or clearing your cookies it might be something a simple as that.

      You should try contacting them using the info given to David, if you dont receive your seeds or are not happy with what they have to say by all means leave a review good or bad HERE

      good luck

  4. ​Love potion (stichs) auto fem seeds (3) put in soil approx. 7 gallons of stonington blend from coast of maine. each pot (seedsman says 70 -75 days)
    3x3x6 Grow tent 600w led 16″ above plants, temp in 70’s humid. around 50-55%, water a little daily

    17 days in from placing in soil two plants have largest leaves about 10 inches across tip to tip look great , third one got a late start much smaller thought I lost it but growing well only smaller

    I have no fan to move air & am not venting for fresh air as of now. Light is on grow button 24/7
    The plants look very happy. what to do next?? they seem to me to growing fast & healthy at this point
    do i need a fan to create a breeze and if so do I need to keep it on or for a few hours a day, do I need to bring in fresh air and again if so how long, I presently open the tent up daily to view & water is that enough air.The plants are auto fem so when do I turn the flower button? and what do I do about the small plant that is a week or so behind when/if I turn in the flower button.
    any suggestions or help appreciated

  5. hello bd

    I think you can reduce your light on times to 20 hours on 4 hours off the plants will flower automatically they dont need a 12/12 light regime. You should really exchange the air in your growtent at least 5 times a day if possible. A small fan would be a good idea to gently move the stale air. it might be a good idea to stand the smallest plant on something so its the same height as the other taller plants otherwise it will end up too far from the growlight and become swamped by the bigger plants.

    i hope that helps


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