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Attitude Seed bank Review (2017)

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Attitude Seed bank Review

Attitude Seeds is among the earliest seed business on the planet. They have been in business for over 5 years. Attitude Seeds Bank is also one of the largest suppliers of Cannabis/Marijuana Seeds on the planet also. Their credibility is fairly un blemished. They stock over 2000 weeds strains from the finest Weed Seed Breeders in the world!

attitude seed bankreview
attitude seed bank review

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Try Firestax seeds or Seeds here now. I've ALWAYS had good/great germ. rates from Attitude.


Altitude Seeds, always received orders. Although I do pay for the guaranteed delivery.

Very low germination rates unfortunately, especially for the cost!


Attitude Seeds

Attitude Seeds stock routine weed seeds as well as feminized seeds. They pride themselves on clients support and quick delivery times. When you buy Marijuana Seeds Online from Mindset you are alerted through e-mail when they are shipped. Experience shows that they are usually delivered the following business day. Usually Attitude provides Free Weed Seeds with every seed order. You could not go wrong buying for Perspective Seeds Bank!

The Attitude Seeds Bank are exporters of a few of the finest Marijuana seeds readily available worldwide today. We provide thousands of Cannabis seeds strains for you to pick from, skillfully expanded by the pioneers of the legendary Amsterdam cannabis seed banks. We get from the finest and most sought after breeders all over the world and a substantial choice of the finest Weed Cup winners Attitude Seeds Ship to USA

Attitude Seeds

Attitude Seeds Policy

Repayment Methods
Debit/Credit Cards
Money/Postal Orders from within the United Kingdom made payable to “The Attitude Incorporated Ltd.”.

Carriers Used (UK).
Royal Mail, shipment time 1 to 4 business day after the order has been dispatched.
Carriers Used (Export).
Royal Mail for EC and Export or the best carrier for the location will be made use of.

Shipping Charges (UK).
Please account for the following costs when buying: Normally 4.50 per order.
If your parcel has actually not been gotten within 10 working days, please contact us.

Shipping Charges (Export).
Fees will be given through email/fax or phone Price will be priced quote on weight of parcel and will be sent out by the finest carrier for the location. Delivery time will be 5 to 21 Working days (not consisting of weekends) from the date of delivery. If your parcel has actually not been received within 21 working days, please call us.

Delivery Instructions.
Attitude Seeds Orders without charge card will be ready and dispatched as quickly as your payment has been gotten and banked.
Your items will be delivered to the address on the order kind.
We must have your complete postcode and phone number.

Getting Orders (UK).
Item should be with you within 3 working days. , if products do not arrive within 4 working days please alert Attitude Seeds immediately.


Receiving Orders (Export).
Item in stock will be dispatched within 1 to 3 company working days.
Item must be with you within 1 to 21 company working days. If products do not arrive within 21 days please alert us right away.
Please note Attitude Seeds can not guarantee worldwide distributions unless you choose International Signed for distribution, as we have no means of tracking conventional parcels internationally, However we do produce proof of shipping certificate on basic deliveries.

Then the have to be totally unopened and likewise be in the initial product packaging, if you require seeds to be returned.

If, on receipt, the products are malfunctioning then please take the following steps:.

Please pay the return postage and send out back by documented shipment so you have an evidence of publishing.

Attitude Seeds can fix a malfunctioning item within the first 3 months (or change it relying on the fault) If the item is in stock we will replace it immediately. If not we will offer a credit note or refund. Shipping will not be charged on replacement/repair of faulty products.

If, on receipt you are not happy with your items please take the following steps:.

Total a return kind stating the reason for return and confined with goods and send out back within 14 days of receipt. Item needs to be returned in the same condition as they were gotten.

Please note:- Attitude Seeds do not accept return for Pick and Mix Seeds.

With the exclusion of seeds.
If you are not satisfied with any of the products, please inform us within 14 days, and return the items to us.
Please send products back as they were received in the original unopened product packaging.
We will not change any products after 3 months.

Please note that the telesales law prohibits the return of certain products.

The assurance is provided in accordance with legal requirements. Any extra assurance statements are contained in the item descriptions.

Information security:.
We keep and process customer information in accordance with the current legal requirements of the information security law, the telecommunications laws and the teleservices protection law.


Attitude Seeds Review

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  1. Attitude seeds suck. All seeds orders failed. Never had any problems with other seeds I’ve used.all seeds very very small.I’ve emailed them 3 times with no response at all.take the money and run must be there motto. Any response from them would have been nice. Stay away from ATTITUDE seeds bank !!!!!.you’ve been warned !!!!!!.


  2. Have ordered successfully from Attitude many times. Seeds pop 90% or more. All of my great pot varieties came from G.B., i.e. : Holy grail, Goji OG, Lemon zinger, Tahoe OG kush, Vortex, and others, altho the ground breaking genetics is from the west coast, usa!!. They’ll guarantee their delivery if you purchase “stealth shipping”. PLUS… the info. relating to all strains is detailed right down to the parentage. Be informed what ever you do. kimo pohaku,,, molokai no ka heke !!


  3. I ordered 24 seeds from Attitude in October. I tried 10 seeds, 5 popped, 5 World Of Seeds Afghan Kush regular seeds did NOT. I emailed them and they gave the standard excuse that seeds are for collection and storage purposes. When I noted that their own website stated that these seeds GROW indoors and outdoors, they replied that they are required to include the seed bank’s advertising. Excuses, I mean, if I wanted brown and green colored plastic beads to collect and store, I would buy them a lot cheaper at a craft store. Not buying anything else from Attitude.


  4. I”ve order from attitude 3 time in the past, 2 of my packages came very quickly, 1 got raided at customs. i emailed attitude and sent a picture of the customs sticker on the package and they resent my order and made it all the way to me, they handle the situation very well! will continue to order.


  5. Over the past several years, I have ordered through the Attitude seedbank several times without any problems. Most of the time, I got my package way sooner than expected otherwise on time as estimated. I’ve got nearly flawless germination rates every time and the quality is fantastic. I would recommend this classic seed bank to any one of my buds. You get what you pay for here plus a little discount or bargain sometimes and they have some good promotions too going on all the time!


  6. I had good luck getting my orders from Attitude for the last 5+ years, but increasingly getting beans that were no good, old I suspect, but this last order has been really bad. So far none of the beans from this last order have even wanted to germinate except one which is deformed, a genetic misfit. It has only grown 2″ tall after a month. I can only wonder if the shipment went through something that kills organics…I remember hearing talk about such devices to be used in airports after 9/11 to kill anything biologic.
    I contacted Attitude and they just reminded me that the seeds are all souvenirs, and not to be germinated.
    Really…if they hold that position on the issue, then you can’t count on anything but wasted money with them now.


  7. Altitude Seeds, always received orders. Although I do pay for the guaranteed delivery.

    Very low germination rates unfortunately, especially for the cost!


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