Bilbo’s Super Buds

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Bilbo’s Super Buds

A blast from the past showing some of the best growers from the early days of cannabis growing these pictures were originally posted on the Overgrow Forum around 2003 Enjoy!

Bilbo starts hanging his lamps at 1.80m and then slowly brings them closer to give the
Bilbo starts hanging his lamps at 1.80m and then slowly brings them closer to give the

Some grow weed for their own pleasure while others grow it to make money. Whatever the motivation, the most important thing is the same for all, and that is producing the largest and most potent heads. Also to learn from each crop so as to improve the next and increase the grams. Everyone thinks that their own crop is the best but occasionally you come across someone with a crop to die for. Heads bigger than your forearm, thick as your head and solid as stone. These are extreme cultivation successes and Bilbo takes full responsibility. Bilbo likes to let his plants flourish under extreme light intensity using the logic of light = weight!

You’d swear his plants are secretly working out when they should be sleeping – because these plants resemble baseball bats more than anything and it is hard to imagine that they got that way simply because of excessive light waves. 2L Cola bottles look small in comparison, honest! First impressions are that these plants must be on steroids, but they have simply been grown in earth. Bilbo points out that you do not necessarily have to use hydroponics to achieve extreme buds. Bilbo has used hydroponics before, but never with these results. Good old earth is still full of surprises!


Bilbo's Super Buds
Bilbo’s Super Buds
Bilbo's Super Buds
Bilbo’s Super Buds

As a starter, Bilbo had gone wholeheartedly into the whole hype surrounding hydro techniques that ensured sizeable heads. He was working with aeroponics and was hit with a power failure that meant the ruin of his entire crop. After that he returned to solid earth. He was happy to leave all the fuss of pH and EC meters behind him. The stunning success of this particular crop has even Bilbo mystified. It cannot possibly be just the extra light intensity because this is not the first time Bilbo has applied his extra light method to a grow room and those heads had not been on the same scale as these.

For him, the amount of light a seedling is exposed to seems to be of the greatest importance. Seedlings that germinate outdoors are continually exposed to the intensity of the sun and do not suffer any negative effects. On the contrary; they flourish. The first few hours of a seedlings life determine how it will develop later.

Out of the countless number of seeds available, Bilbo managed to find this winner – a combination of good genes and plenty of light has resulted in these formidable heads. From a selection of 20 or 30 seeds, he managed to single out this phenomenal plant. He was attracted to this particular plant by the size of the then up and coming buds and was satisfied that he had made a good choice. But then this monster took all the attention by towering up above everything else in the room. Such a special plant is rarely found. This one is a Sweet Tooth 3 from Spiceoflifeseeds and it is tops on their list of quality seeds available. The taste is sublime and reminds one of sweet grapefruits.

sweet tooth 3

It might have even been possible to have produced even heftier heads than these as Bilbo has just used ordinary potting soil from the normal garden centre. With a quality soil mix he might have bumped up his gram total return even more. These plants had enjoyed 4 weeks of growth phase before flowering for 51 days. During growth he gave them 3000 watts and once in flowering they received 6400 watts. He lines the lamps up both vertically and horizontally and all of them have exhausts fitted to them to keep them air-cooled.

Bilbo's Super Buds



He also uses C02 generators that can put his room into 1500 PPM in just under three minutes. A digitised CO2 control gadget then keeps it that way. Every second hour the air in the whole room is changed completely in order to exhaust any gaseous fumes that may have built up. The whole room is constantly regulated by a number of climate controllers. Bilbo claims to make carefully considered use of the CO2 for he notices a big change when he allows the temperature to really soar in the room.

The most important thing to remember is to grow them hard with as much exposure to light as possible, from the moment they are seedlings up until the final harvest.

To obtain results like these, you do have to have a number of factors under scrupulous control and Bilbo does have that. Everything is arranged down to the smallest detail, from climatic regulation to the feeding scheme. It is up to the grower to make optimum use of the intense light and the best way to achieve that is to coordinate all the factors involved.

Be aware that bigger is not always better, even though it is human nature to want to improve continually. Bilbo has set the sights really high this time and yet he still wants to push the boundaries again. Fortunately Bilbo is a generous man and naturally wanting to share his joy and good fortune, he made clones from the monster and distributed them amongst some of his fellow farmers so that they too could share in the fun and produce their own extreme pleasure.

I am also invited to join in the pleasure as I was sent a sample of these genes too. My expectations are already running high as I sit impatiently waiting for the flowering phase.

Wishing you all much growing pleasure. Be sure to go nuts – go extreme!

Originally posted on the Overgrow Forums 2003


  1. Wow Bongstar420, what a bitter little manchild you are.
    These buds are Epic, great bit of growing, more power to you man.
    Ignore the jealous haters who probably couldn’t grow cress

  2. So what was the THC and terpene %?

    Also, is it really worth the extra manicuring to keep those colas in bragable condition?

    After all, they are mostly just for show anyways. How many people are paying premiums just to buy their sacks in cola form? The last time I looked, almost .

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