Breeding Cannabis

  • Vibrant green cannabis leaf prominently displayed, with serrated edges, on a scattered heap of beige hemp seeds against a soft-focus wooden backdrop, conveying natural origins.

    How to Make Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Understanding how to create feminized cannabis seeds is a blend of art and science. It involves a deep dive into cannabis genetics and hormone manipulation to turn female plants into seed-producing powerhouses, all without the need for male plants. This guide, “Step-by-Step Process: How to Make Feminized Cannabis Seeds,” is…

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  • Identifying Male and Female Cannabis

     Identifying Male and Female Cannabis  Identifying Male and Female Cannabis, Here we offer an in-depth exploration of cannabis plant anatomy, highlighting the differences between male and female plants. We provide detailed descriptions, charts, and cultivation tips tailored to each gender, aiding both novice and experienced growers in mastering this crucial…

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  • Breeding Cannabis, F1 and F2 Explained

    Breeding Cannabis: F1 and F2 Explained

    Cannabis seed breeders often refer to f1 f2 f3 and s1 Well, here is the dummies guide to creating your own strain or hybrids or simply understanding what it all means?

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  • How-long-can-marijuana-seeds-be-stored

    What is the best way to store cannabis seeds?

    When the time comes to long-term storage of the seeds of our favorite cannabis plant, all sorts of doubts can arise. How do I store cannabis seeds? How do I take care of the seeds to keep them viable? What are the appropriate conditions for storing seeds, even for a…

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  • Barney's Farm Breeder Review

    Barney’s Farm Breeder Review

    Today, Barney's Farm is recognized as one of the leaders in the production of top quality cannabis seeds and continues to research and collect indigenous genetics from lost places. This passion and devotion to a lifestyle that reinforces our commitment and ability to provide new and exciting varieties of cannabis

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  • 6_weeks_in_flower

    Cannabis Flowering Stage Week By Week

    Cannabis Flowering Stage Week By Week, The Flowering cycle is the third major cycle after the Germination and Vegetative cycle. The flowering cycle of a Cannabis plant is very similar to that of any other plant and herb. How long does the cannabis flowering stage last? The Flowering cycle of…

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  • What is a F1 Hybrid? Cannabis Genetics Explained

    What is a F1 Hybrid? Cannabis Genetics Explained

    What is an F1 Hybrid? Cannabis Genetics Explained. F1 hybrid breeding in genetics is a type of breeding that focuses on the first initial generation of plants or seeds. It is a type of plant breeding that attempts to domesticate plants and change their genetic properties in order to best benefit growing…

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