What is the best way to store cannabis seeds?

When the time comes to long-term storage of the seeds of our favorite cannabis plant, all sorts of doubts can arise. How do I store cannabis seeds? How do I take care of the seeds to keep them viable? What are the appropriate conditions for storing seeds, even for a very long time?.

How long can marijuana seeds be stored?

How long do marijuana seeds keep? they can be stored for an extremely long period of up to 10 years. I know from y own experience that seeds over 10 years old can be successfully germinated if they have been stored well. However, “can” is the keyword here because the question of how much cannabis seeds can be kept without fear of damaging them depends on the conditions that will be provided to them.

If the seeds are from a reputable seed bank and are packed in a breeder pack, the seeds should be fine. The original packaging guarantees that the contents can be stored for a long time. Of course, the seed bank that supplied the seeds must also be storing the seeds correctly.

Inadequate methods of seed storage can prove fatal. The future germination of marijuana seeds depends on properly carried out storage methods.

Store cannabis seeds long term

First, isolate the seeds from excessive light. This is important because the light promotes the germination of the marijuana seeds. This is why the proper seed storage containers are so important. Of course, glass containers are the best; an opaque glass jar can be used to limit the incoming light.

store cannabis seeds
store cannabis seeds

storing cannabis seeds

When it comes to seed storage containers, there are several essential considerations. The most important thing is to choose a container. It should be made of one type of plastic. Why is it so important? When dealing with a container made of several different materials (for example, a glass jar with a plastic lid), such a container may react peculiarly to temperature. This can deform the material and ultimately allow excess moisture inside the container. Seed bags made of foil (Mylar type) are also excellent for storing cannabis seeds

Shelf life of Cannabis seeds: depends on humidity

Studies conducted with various strains of cannabis have shown that marijuana seeds store best  when the ambient humidity is between 6 and 9 percent. The bottom line is that with higher air humidity in the seeds, the emergence and development of natural processes is more likely to occur. 

After all, the effects of humidity on cannabis seeds is all that is needed along with sutable heat to activate germination, so the main task during storage is the “sleep” of the seeds and the preservation of their resources until the moment when they decide to “revive”.It should not be more than 20-30% when it comes to humidity. A low humidity level can be ensured by placing, for example, raw rice grains in the jar. However, first of all, remember that the container should be hermetically sealed.

The last, but equally important, if not the most important, is creating the right temperature conditions for the seeds.

Storage temperature for seeds

The germination of the marijuana seeds occurs at 24 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the appropriate storage temperature for the seeds should be much lower, between 4 and 8 degrees Celsius.

Remember to protect the seeds from temperature fluctuations. The temperature must be kept constant; otherwise, the marijuana seeds may be damaged. Maintaining the appropriate temperature to store cannabis seeds is possible by placing them in the refrigerator.

Storing seeds in fridge

Should I refrigerate my cannabis seeds? Cooling the seeds is a good option for growers who plan to store the seeds for a long time. If the harvested seeds are going to be used soon, leaving them in a closet, for example (as long as it is a dry, cool, and sterile place), should be enough.

However, if we want to keep storing marijuana seeds for a long time, it is best to put them in the refrigerator. However, there are two points to be careful about. First, frequent opening of the fridge causes temperature fluctuations. I use seeds in a fridge that we do not use often.

Second, newer refrigerators are often designed to provide an almost moisture-free space. While low moisture levels are desirable in the context of marijuana seed storage, this does not mean that a complete lack of moisture is favorable. On the contrary, seeds deprived of moisture may lose their viability. Make sure your seeds stored in this way are in airtight containers.

Should you store cannabis seeds in the freezer?

I have succesfully stored seeds in the freezer for many years, important things to consider are to make sure the seeds are dry, are in a moisture proof bag (like mylar) and in a sealed plastic tub.

A few final remarks

As mentioned above, using an appropriate container is extremely important in seed storage. In addition to the fact that such a container should be leakproof, opaque, and made of one type of plastic, it must also be sterile.

The same applies to the space where the seed container will be placed. Non-sterile surfaces can attract a wide variety of pests that threaten marijuana seeds.

Second, a good solution for maintaining an appropriate humidity level is to use silica gel to protect against excessive humidity.

And thirdly, it is worth describing the seed container. If you are freezing different seeds strains, this procedure is a good safeguard against confusion.

In summary, how much cannabis seeds can be kept to not be damaged will depend on what conditions we provide for them. Adequate seed storage temperature, low humidity, and lack of access to light are essential.

Also, using the correct seed storage container is a vital conservation factor. The methods of storing the seeds vary, and any cool, dry, dark, and safe place will work for a short time. In contrast, it is appropriate to put the seeds in the refrigerator for longer. Good luck!

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