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Dutch Seeds Shop Review

1.6/5 (41)

Dutch Seeds Shop Review

Dutch Seeds Shop reviews, Purchase Marijuana Seeds and Cannabis Seeds Online Worldwide

Dutch Seeds Shop Review
dutch seed shop review

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Highest quality cannabis seeds, marijuana seeds, skunk seeds and kush marijuana seeds for sale from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Above % 60 germination success, hundreds of various cannabis stress and cannabis kinds produced by the best breeders. Delivering top medical cannabis for our clients is our main objective! We will personally assist you succeed. And most notably, your safety and privacy is always assured as we ship worldwide in discreet packing.

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Rip off. Never shipped order, no proof order shipped, no response to complaint. Stay away!


STAY AWAY!! This is a scam!! Ordered seeds & never received, sent countless emails & never received a response... Involving cc company to get my funds back! 6/15/18


Dutch Seeds Shop provide you the biggest variety of marijuana seeds for sale, Kush Cannabis Seeds. Over 30 cannabis strains. Lots of marijuana cup winners like White Widow, Durban Poison, Northern Light, Master Kush and Skunk # 1. We offer cannabis seeds for each need: Indoor, Outdoor and Medical.

Purchase Cannabis Seeds from us today and get 20 definitely cost-free.
Our affiliate program offers you the chance to make up to 50 % of your sales. It’s worth checking it out.


Ordering marijuana seeds online is 100 % safe.

Dutch Seeds Shop marijuana seeds get shipped worldwide, discreetly and stealth provided in unseen arbitrary picked products.

All our marijuana seeds (marijuanas seeds) get checked.

Win free of cost marijuana seeds at every order.

We have a huge array of marijuanas (High Times) cup winners for most of our marijuana pressures.

Since 1998 Dutch Seeds Shop serve hundreds of thousands pleased clients.

If you want to grow your cannabis seeds indoor or outdoor, in a greenhouse, for marijuana clinical use or simply to have a peaceful high THC smoke, we can provide you the highest cannabis seeds for the best rates. Our selection of seeds are the finest in the world. Don’t think twice and get now 100 % safe your marijuana seeds.
Please first check our FAQ page prior to opening a Support Ticket with concerns which we may have addressed currently.

1.6/5 (41)
1.7/5 (40)
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1.5/5 (41)
1.7/5 (41)
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    Ordered and never received my seeds. Had to involve my credit card company to put a stop to this scam outfit……


    1. I am with you on this one; STAY AWAY FROM DUTCH SEEDS SHOP!!!!

      I sell seeds in my store and I have NEVER, AND I REPEAT NEVER dealt with a company as bad as this one. I deal with a couple dozen seed banks and all of them are a pleasure to deal with. On the other hand the DUTCH SEEDS BANK is the worst Ive ever seen, I bought hundreds of dollars worth of seed from them and NONE germinated, I had sold a lot of the to which EVERYONE that I sold seeds to came back with a zero ZERO germination rate…. I got so frustrated I worked on contacting them with no success, they will not reply to any of my attempts to remediate the issues I’ve had with dealing with them! I even tried to germinate the last 150 seeds that I had from them with 0000000 RESULTS. NOT ONE SEED GERMINATED.

      ARGGGGGGGG please learn by my mistakes and go with a reputable seed back, other wise you will be burning your hard earned money “I don’t mean smoking, I mean LOOSING” your money here.



    2. STAY AWAY!! This is a scam!! Ordered seeds & never received, sent countless emails & never received a response… Involving cc company to get my funds back! 6/15/18


  2. Ordered seeds 3 months ago and never recieved anything . Have sent them over 10 emails and no response .. stay away from DUTCHSEEDS.. they are just steeling peoples $.


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