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Seed Boutique All orders will be accompanied by a “Freebie” pack of seeds…These seeds are given to you free of charge on one condition…What you must do with these “freebie” seeds is to share them with someone else who might grow them so joining us in the ever growing growing community worldwide..

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never problem with my seedboutique friends.Very fast delivery.Good communication. the best.


Unfortunately, regulation and implementation in respect of hemp seed often differs from country to country. For this reason we advise you as a matter of urgency to make inquiries about the regulations to which you are subject. We dispatch our seeds with the reservation that they will not be used by third parties in conflict with the law. Seed Boutique does not wish to induce anyone to act in conflict with the law. We expressly point out that all those who purchase our seeds are responsible for their actions in the future. Seed Boutique will accept no responsibility in this respect. Seed Boutique does not accept any product-liability.

We strongly advise you to inform yourself about the legality of Cannabis in your country before buying any of our products. People who order, do so at their own risk and cannot hold us or the places where we advertise responsible. The purchaser further agrees to hold Seed Boutique not responsible for claims, actions, legal and/or court fees brought against him/her in connection with any use of products ordered from this website.

It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to ascertain and obey all laws which apply to the possession and use of any products listed on our site. Please consult your local guidelines before placing an order. By placing an order, the purchaser represents that he/she is 18 years or older and that products ordered will only be used in a lawful manner.

Please note germination of these seeds is illegal in the some countries. With legislation concerning the legality of this collection being inconsistent,
contradictory and ever changing across the globe, Seed Boutique strongly advises all potential customers to check their national guidelines before placing any orders. All customers are responsible for their own actions. Seed Boutique has no wish to induce anyone to act in conflict with the law and cannot be responsible for those who do. The purchaser agrees that he/she will not use or allow others to use any item from this web site in an illegal manner.

Remember to share with a friend, and as Gypsy says “Grow On”

Seed Boutique

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  1. I ordered seeds from this store 2 times and all was ok. Every time i got 5 free seeds and every time different. The prices are cheaper then in many another sellers. I like Nirvana!

  2. Speed of delivery very fast
    emails were responded to
    so so packing
    ordered 10 Northern Lights first 5 i tried to sprout 13 days and nothing next 5 i tried 4 very weak sprouts after 10 days, not sure they will survive.
    and the 5 free Skunkmans seeds 0 sprouts
    im no rookie either
    im guessing old seeds

  3. Have been ordering from Gypsy’s sites for over 10 years now and have spent much $$$’s over the years and always got more than I paid for, good prices, often times great freebies too.
    Customer sevices are usually on the ball,answering back via e-mail in a timely fashion. nothing bad I can say about them. One order took longer last year due to a mail strike, but usually receive orders within a week or so.

  4. I’ve used them for years, even back when they were known as seedsdirect and have always had perfect service. Seedboutique has a great selection and they deliver.

  5. I’ve used these guys for years, and I’ve never had a problem. I’ve had 100% germination rates, and the packages were nice and stealthy. My last order took 16 days to arrive to the NE USA from the time I sent payment via mail.

  6. Ordered TH Seeds Chocolate Chunk. arrived very quickly like 7 days which is impressive for my location. Also received 10 free
    Thai Haze x Skunk 1. Haven’t tried it yet but still it’s a freebie. ALso, their shipping is way cheap.

  7. Hi. I ordered from this seller twice and was very satisfied. They put bonus with 5 free seeds with each order. Thank you guys!

  8. They suck. I found out the beans I ordered were 4+ years old and 1 out of 10 germed. Keep telling me “they dont have any problems with that batch”. Bullshit.

  9. They suck ass. As others my $100.00 order never arrived and as others complaints they refuse to answer pm’s or emails in regards to ones order. These pricks will never receive another red cent from me! FUCK seedbay and seedbotique.

  10. i live in australia, ive been buying from seedboutique since 2001 when they were seeds direct, ive ordered at least 20 times from them, ive had 1 order go missing but all the rest made it to me with the original sealed breeders packs, very reassuring to see seeds arrive in that form, ive had one pack of seeds not germinate…but thats life i think, otherwise i would recommend this seedbank 100%

  11. Ordered from them twice got them within a week. They gave me 10 free beans with both orders. Great service, answerd all my e-mails. Will use them again.

  12. c est de la balle commande recu rapidement.packaging terrible graine indestructible.jai acheté rez cdd v1.1 et j ai eu en cadeau 10 graines de sweet tooth#3 et 10 graines lucky dip mix les graines sont superbes.on est informé quasi en temps reel de l acheminement de l envoi jusqu a hautement recommandé!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. never problem with my seedboutique friends.Very fast delivery.Good communication. the best.







  14. ordered seeds the end of January…still have not received anything…have ordered before and did not have a problem…guess I got the bone this time…will order from somewhere else!

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