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What Do You Do With Cannabis Roots?

Cannabis Root is a buried treasure

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The cannabis plant is as a drug, as a medicinal herb or as a fiber plant a valuable all-rounder and almost all parts of the plant can be used.

Cannabis Roots

What Do You Do With Cannabis Roots?
What Do You Do With Cannabis Roots?

The dried flowers are used medicinally or recreationally to relax, for example, the leaves can be used as tea or tobacco substitute, in the woody parts we find the fibers for textiles.

Then there is the Cannabis Roots. Of course, they can be thrown onto the compost after the harvest, meaning they can be meaningfully re-integrated into natural cycles. But this idea will seem increasingly absurd if you only know some of the possibilities of the cannabis root.

Healing powers

Particularly interesting from a medical point of view are the many active ingredients that can be found in the cannabis root. And although the medicinal use of hemp today is mainly associated with the flowers, the healing powers of the root has also been rediscovered.

The first indications of medical use can be found in Shennong pên ts’ao chingone of the oldest Chinese medicine books, the therapeutic applications of the roots of hemp as a painkiller2700 BC Chr. mentioned. they were dried and ground to powder and mixed with plant juice to a cream or mixed to a pulp-like mass. This was used, for example, for pain relief after surgery or bone fractures.

As a tea boiled or squeezed, the root can be administered as a diuretic and until the 20th century the boiled Cannabis roots were used in incontinence, and against inflammation or STDs as well as successfully treating.  fevers, and Stomach and intestinal diseases

What is in it?

As you might expect, the cannabis roots contains cannabinoids, including CBD and THC, The therapeutic effects of these two substances are known to already have a large spectrum of activity. Since they are present in the root but only in a low concentration, other active ingredients are of greater interest here.

For example, the terpenes in the roots are medically very relevant. The Terpen Friedelin has a Liver protective function and works antioxidant, Epifriedlinol possesses Antitumor effect and from ketones they say they are the apoptosis (Cell death) of cancer cells. In addition, it is believed that they have an antibacterial effect and have a positive effect on the immune system.

Also of medical importance are the two alkaloids pyrrolidine and piperidine. They are even toxic in high concentrations. In small doses, on the other hand, they can be used therapeutically Pyrrolidine has stimulating effects while piperidine is a chemical component of various drugs, mostly for psychiatric drugs.

Other medicinal ingredients are atropine and choline. Choline is of great importance in the maintenance of cell membranes, and atropine dilates the pupils, relaxes the eye muscles, dilates the bronchi and increases the heart rate. Properties that can be used in the area of resuscitation.

Ideal home remedy

So we can see that the roots of the cannabis plant are still neatly expanding the well-known spectrum of cannabis medicines. And the pulverizing of Cannabis Roots, processing with beeswax to ointments, etc. are simple options that are available to us to produce effective home remedies themselves to treat us cost-effectively and naturally.


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