White widow seeds Review

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White widow seeds Review

White widow seeds

White widow seeds

White widow seeds Grow Only the Best!

Here at whitewidowseeds.com we strive to provide you with the best quality you desire while packaging our seeds discreetly to ensure the safe arrival of your new organic girls. With some of the best customer aftercare available.
With us, you are sure of the succeses.

White widow seeds

At White Widow Seeds our aim is to support the worldwide community by providing them with quality organically grown seeds with genetics powered by Mother Nature. We believe that together we can work towards worldwide cannabis freedom by harmonizing your human spirit with natural plant contact. When you order a packet of seeds from us you don’t just get a packet of seeds. You get the knowledge of time honoured growers behind you as well as our sense of community responsibility to help you to succeed.

World wide shipping

In the Netherlands are the in and out sale’s of marihuana seeds 100% legal. It’s impossible for us to find out which country’s are legal to treat marihuana seeds, There for we send are products worldwide.
It’s up to you to find out if it is legal in your country to receive the marihuana seeds.

Discrete shipping

All orders are send in discrete white envelopes, without any indication on the content. We use continuously variable nonexistent return addresses for best discretion.

How to make an order

1. Go to the web-site.
2. Choose the product you like to order.
3. Check out.
4. Fill in your address details.
5. Select country.
6. Select payment method and fill in the order form correctly.

Days it take till your order will arrive

When we have receive your payment, we will ship the seeds within 24 hours. You will receive of us a email when your order is send. All shipments will be send by Dutch post International.

Shipments inside of Europe takes 4 to 9 working days. Shipments outside of Europe takes 7 to 21 working days.

Days it take before your payment will arrive


Credit card payment get real time processed, you will get directly information when your Payment is accepted or refused.

Bank wire

When you made a money transfer to us it takes between 4 to 7 days, till the money will be at are bank account.
We will send you a email as soon as the payment is in are account.


If you paid by cash money, registered mail it takes in Europe between 4 to 9 working days, Before we will receive your money. Out side of Europe it takes between 7 to 21 working days. U will get a email of us when we received the money.

Message on your creditcard statement

The text on the statement from your credit card bill will appear like for example: *TELEPAY ADAM

Here at white widow seeds we will always pack your purchases discretely and ensure that no-one other than ourselves receive your details along with the packages contents.
It is, however our duty to remind you that laws vary from place to place and possession and/or germination of seeds may be against the law in some areas. We can promise that we will do our utmost to ensure stealth placement of the seeds in your package. We will also ship worldwide, this is done at the buyers discretion and white widow seeds takes no responsibility for lost packages.




White widow seeds







  1. I ussually get my white widow seeds from other seedbanks who has got delivery guarantee, like the marijuanaseedshop for example. Good to read these reviews!

  2. yup, im pretty sure ive been ripped off. sent bank draft on nov16, here it is dec 9th and no seeds and the will not answer any of my emails through their contact page or personal chst, which says there’s nobody available. My tracking says $ not received which is bullshit. i used this site because i was directed there through another site that gave them rave reviews……basically they suck. I’ll domore and better research and try again with someone else


  4. here it is June 6th 2011 and still nothing from Whitewidowseeds.com. They said their “postbus” or “Postoffice box” wasn’t working and that all letters had been sent back, although it is working now. This is pure B.S. and the USPS has said so. I hope I can help everyone from getting ripped off by this site, as the USPS has begun an inquiry into just what happened to my letter and money.
    Farmer Jones

  5. whitewidowseeds.com is a rip off site.
    I mailed 150 u.s. april 5th, cleared NYC on the 7th (registered) and nothing yet and it is may 19th. They have given excuse after excuse and I am willing to bet I got ripped off big time. The email address they use when googled comes back as a rip off from Japan or China. I have only been able to communicate via their website. They kept asking for my registered mail number ,which I sent to them, the day I sent the letter, and sent back to them 3 times via their website. Then they said it would take 35 days and that was after a month and a half, 2 weeks beyond 35 days. Now they say all mail is being returned, which I doubt is going to happen. I send correspondence to Germany all the time and it only takes 2 weeks, at the most.
    Don’t waste your money

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