BC Seed King Review

2.2/5 (3)

BC Seed King Review

BC Seed King Review
BC Seed King Review


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BC Seed King specializes in marijuana seeds produced by growers in British Columbia, Canada. Our site offers a wide variety of marijuana seeds ( cannabis seeds ) for indoor marijuana growing, outdoor marijuana growing, and greenhouse growing. AAA BC buds from British Columbia. We offer fast and discreet delivery of Marijuana Seeds worldwide. The best pot seeds available online!

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I am trying to cancel order with this company now for days and can’t get any response from anyone.. Wish I would have looked on here first before I bought.. just bull shit they don’t even have a number to call that’s a huge red flag!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! They need a O star button
My Trust was Betrayed...
Well, I was stiffed for my money. So I do not understand how anyone could state that this company does honest or good business. I was lied to and told that my seeds would arrive by Fed X and the shipping number was bogus. I asked for my money back and I have been given the run around. I will happily amend this post if Seed King will only refund my money otherwise everyone should check out.

Here is just a sad sample of what I am seeing on Feed Back-Buyer Beware

Took payment never received order/TrustScore 3.9 / 5
My order is 2 weeks out and have reached out to them multiple time with no info provided. Paid$150 through the cash app and they have not processed my order of over 3 weeks. I have requested a refund or information to no avail. I will be talking to my bank as well as the cash app to get my money back. I will also be seeking legal action. As the site is obviously fraudulent. Order #17092

BEWARE:SCAMMERS/TrustScore 3.9 / 5
Scammers. Sent me dead seeds. I spent 140.00 and the seeds were dead on arrival. Don’t let them take your money. They offered me 50percent off my next order!😳 like I would give them more money. They pocketed 140.00. My bank is working to reverse the charges to my credit card!
The half of the order that turned up were great, but the other half... I ordered 21 seeds and twelve arrived. Of the 12 I received, 10 have sprouted. The other nine that were ordered and never turned up? It’s been nearly three weeks and I’m still trying to get them to ship. I don’t know if they’re thieves or simply incompetent, but I cannot get this resolved. Look for a more trustworthy source with a concern about their customers.
Customer service is horrible on seed replacement on seeds that don't pop they just tried to tell you you didn't use sterilized water your room wasn't warm enough any answer they can blame it on you instead of simply just sending out a couple of seeds to make up for the ones that didn't pop this is very upsetting when 9 out of 40 seeds will not popso now you have 10 which on their site would cost $100 I'm supposed to take $100 loss they will not replace them all they do is offer you a coupon to buy more seeds that will not pop they will not have a repeat customer I will not buy from this company ever again no matter how the end product looks

Buyer beware,web site claims shipping…/TrustScore 3.9 / 5
Buyer beware,web site claims shipping in 2 to 3 business days.Over 2 weeks and 11 business days and no seeds.Seller offers no tracking and no solution,have to fight to get money back.

0 stars if possible/TrustScore 3.9 / 5
After a week of being ignored I sent one last email, which was responded to, with a discount to buy more premature seeds. I told them No Thank You. Many of my questions were never address or answered. They also asked multiple times for me to change or delete my 1 star review on here.
My 1 star review was removed from their website. In addition another 1 star review for their Wedding Cake strain was removed.
5 out of 20 seeds sprouted. My complaints have been ignored. I know they get them, as my pre order questions were all answered quickly.
The seeds all looked premature. Poor quality seeds. Poor customer service. I will never order from them again.
Not recommended! Ordered 3 different strains in the 4/20 sale, only 3 survivors out of 20 seeds, no reply to 3 complaint messages, definitely would take my business elsewhere.
TrustScore 3.9 / 5

BC Seed King stock seeds of superior quality, from superior strains and offer a selection of marijuana seeds suitable for medical users. BC Seed King test our marijuana seeds regularly for germination rates to ensure maximum yields, 100% quality is guaranteed. BC Seed King has established long-term relationships with reliable seed producers who are committed to growing only the highest quality cannabis seeds. The majority of marijuana seeds BC Seed King carry for sale have been grown in B.C. for decades.
BC Seed King’s commitment is to provide you with the highest quality cannabis seeds and marijuana seeds at the lowest prices.

bcseedking Our Prices are the Cheapest on the Net!

Customer Service – FAQ
How do you ship the seeds?
Your seeds will be shipped in a protected package.

Do you ship COD?
No, sorry we do not ship COD.

What currency are the prices?
All prices displayed are in US currency.

What is the best way to germinate the seeds?


Put your marijuana seeds in a glass of room temperature distilled water.


Leave your marijuana seeds in the water until they start to sprout. White shoot emerges- 2 to 4 days.


Immediately transplant your sprouted marijuana seeds into jiffy pellets, Rockwool, or another medium you are using.

Transplant very gently  Always keeps medium warm and moist. Never let your seeds dry out.


Place transplant into a plastic dome with fluorescent light. Keep light on 24 hours, do this until roots begin to appear 6 to 10 days.

How long will my order take to arrive?
We ship all orders within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

Personal information entered on our web site is confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside our company. Information gathered on the site is used solely for fulfilling your order.

How do I know you won’t keep my money and not send any seeds?
If we keep your money and not send you your seeds we would not be in business.

What payment methods do you accept?

1.7/5 (3)
1.7/5 (3)
2.3/5 (3)
2.3/5 (3)
2/5 (3)


  1. Been using these guys for years. Always great bud, but phenotypes vary greatly. Never a problem with sending money first.
    Bc Mango – 3 out of 5 stars
    Bc Big Bud – 5 out of 5 (Pictured in HTM from my farm)
    Bc Skunk – 3 out of 5
    Purps – 4 out of 5 (never gave too much color but pictured in HTM from my farm)
    NYC Diesel – 5 out of 5
    Kush – 5 out of 5
    I’ve grown all these inside and out.

  2. I have purchased lots of BEANs from SKing and nevr had a problem…SSH is out of this world.and the AK 47 for hard tokers only…for thee nat sayers..go sum where else..

  3. I tried these guys and ended up very disappointed. Good prices but completely fake genetics. Tried there New York City Diesel Feminized and ended up with more than half males of an autoflowering variety and the few females were not worth the steam of my piss. Extremely poor smoke and I’ve been growing for 20 years. Never have I wasted my time as much. For real genetics of New York City Diesel go to Soma himself or reputable companies like BC Bud Depot or Attitude Seed Bank.

  4. What an idiot i was. i ordered two packs of g-13 haze (trying to get the real deal) from what i thought were 2 different companies. Then I sent both orders to the same mail order address. That should have sent warning bells right there but i bought 10 of these seeds from bcmarijuanaseeds(dot)com and the other 10 from bcseedking(dot)com just two days apart. One pack was $35 dollars and the other was $50. Well did I ever get a dick in the ass. I soon got the SAME SEEDS in the SAME PACKAGING, and upon growing them out I realized they were not G13-Haze at all. (I have grown the real G13-Haze from both Reeferman and Barney’s and am not an idiot). Or until now that is, I was not. These fake two companies are bag seed kings at best – and not even that – now I know better. I have actually had much better bag seeds than both the cheaper and the more expensive version of this exact same “G13-Haze”. It was a waste of my time and hemp seed at best. They both were identical crap from two different companies apparently, and both with poor germination rates. From the $35 pack I got 3 out of 10 to germinate which was better than the other one just cost $15 more. Unfortunately all the seeds were garbage and were not G-13 Haze. They were not even worth chicken feed. And I sent both orders to the same mail order address and received the exact same garbage seeds in the exact same packaging with the the same postmark. I wonder what Reeferman would have to say about this. The real G13-Haze comes from him and Barneys won a cannabis cup with it. Do not get screwed here. On top of getting me wasting time and another $15 dollars on trying to get the real deal from what I though was a different company, I would have been better off growing hermaphrodites. Complete waste of my time. And it looks like they rip off BCBD as well as Reeferman also. Get Lost. Why don’t you just call it G13-Hemp? That would be more real. But there’s no G13 in it at all. And where did my extra $15 dollars go? A disgrace to this planet.

    1. Well let me start saying that shipping was fine!! but what good is shipping if the genetics are fucked!! i ordered 25 bc big bud and 25 bc kush!! the gave me extra seeds and i started all 60 and 55 sprouted!! i use 3 part general hydro for nutes and i grew them in 3 gallon pots with pro mix soil!! i kept ph levels correct! and i use 1000 watt hps lights!! basicly everything is perfect and i been growing for 5 years!! and when i switched over to 12/12 thats when everything went to shit!! i only ended up with 18 females 2 weeks into flower and even some of thos showed signs of male sex flowers!! i have had many strains of kush and i can honestly say none of the seeds they sent me were kush of anysort!! and a few of the bc big buds were ok !! the kush they supp gave me was the worst bud i have ever had growing and smoking!! and i have since cloned off a few of them and im on the 3rd generation and they keep turning to hermies!! come to find out all along these seeds were more then likely from a hermie plant! all of bcseedkings seeds are from hermie genetics!! i talked to them and told them my story and they sent me 30 more free purps feminized seeds claiming they were the best they have!! i germinated all 30 and took no shortcuts and only 3 sprouted!! the 3 that made it turned a little purple on the leaves but was not a good strain at all!! the smoke was ok but not worth it!! i dont understand why they have to do buisness this way!! i basicly wasted 1000s of dollors on this seed company! will never order from them again and advise people to do the same!

  5. Ordered from them and received seeds, great stealth shipping, but variation of phenotypes leads me to question the genetics.

  6. I have just had my first experience buying seeds from BCSeedKing and was a little apprehensive about sending cash. Everything went like a well oiled machine. Though I haven’t germinated any yet I have no doubt that their professional values will come through with flying colors. I give this company the highest accolades in every aspect of the venture. Looking forward to some very enjoyable growing and tokin’ Thank you Jason………George

  7. Ordered from these guys once. I usually like to wait till I get four or more orders from a company, before I give an opinion. But since there is only one review…. 🙂

    Everything Ashley said above was true for me as well. Very fast shipping, a week at most for me. I got the purps and God bud from them. The purps was very good, large, fat chunky, buds. Not much purple but a little.

    Their stealth is very good too, and shipped directly from Canada.

  8. Best seed bank ever! Very good prices, 8 day shipping, and the most discreet packaging I have ever seen. I couldn’t even imagine the best searcher finding the seeds, I’m not going to say how they do it, but trust me, they are the most discreet. They also gave 10 extra feminized seeds! 100% germination!

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