Cannabis Bud Beans Review

2.4/5 (1)

Cannabis Bud Beans Review

cannabis bud beans review
cannabis bud beans review

Visit Cannabis Bud Beans

Cannabis Bud Beans Review

Cannabis Bud Beans guarantees Authentic Marijuana Seeds

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very nice people very fast service i used them since 1 year now never had a problem.
one time some of the seeds i got from them did not germinate . but they reolaced the seeds very fast .

thank you miky

Cannabis Bud Beans sells only high quality cannabis seeds, from only the most respectable cannabis seed companies such as Sensi Seeds, Dutch Passion, THSeeds, KC Brains, Serious Seeds, Soma Seeds, Jordan of the Island, Dr Atomic, and many more breeders from Amsterdam, Canada, and Spain.

Cannabis Bud Beans Seeds Shipped World Wide
Vat taxes are already included in the price

Cannbis Bud Beans


10 regular lowryder free for every order

Cannabis Seeds Shipped World Wide

Vat taxes are already included in the price

Please read our terms and conditions

Important please read

Cannabis Bud Beans accept payment by debit or credit card

western union money gram and cash

If you would like to pay for your seeds by credit or debit card

you just need to place an order from the web site.

If you would like to pay by cash ,western union or money gram

you do not need to place an order from the web site,

you just make the choice of the seeds you would like to buy

and send us an e mail at

[email protected]

specifying the payment method you would like to use,

your choice of seeds

and your shipping address

Cannabis Bud Beans will e mail you back in max 24 hours with the data needed to make your payment

please keep in mind

we will send you the seeds only after we receive your payment


Cannabis Bud beans guarantees the genetics offered are that which they claim to be and not imitation or knock-offs. We are official distributors for the companies listed on our web site and in our catalogs.
Privacy Policy

General Statement
As described in detail below, any information we gather at this web site is strictly for our use and is not shared with any other entity, public or private. We will not sell or give away any data  that we may retain.

Statistical Data
Our servers (as most) track IP addresses and referring pages to help with site maintenance and improvements. This data is viewed only as anonymous statistics to show the busiest times of the day or week, pages with errors and how effective our advertising has been. This information is not used for any other purpose.

Personal Information
With the exception of credit card info, Cannabis Bud Beans store the information from your order form in an encrypted data file to allow us to track consulting issues or refer to a previous order to help provide customer service. You may elect to have your information completely removed from this system by e-mailing Cannabis Bud Beans  [email protected]

Cannabis Bud Beans

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5/5 (1)
5/5 (1)
4/5 (1)


  1. very nice people very fast service i used them since 1 year now never had a problem.
    one time some of the seeds i got from them did not germinate . but they reolaced the seeds very fast .

    thank you miky

  2. first time using these guys and the experience was pure and honest. nothing worse than getting ripped off “i hate that shit” my package came in the mail today and it was descrite and protected, breeder packs 5 auto AK, plus the 10 free lowryder’s..i aint no pro about this shit im just an average dude tring to get my own shit started. i serched the web and found lots to chose from and in the end went with these guys and this is my experience..I SENT MY MONEY AND THEY SENT ME SEEDS…thats how it went..if you are looking for an honest experience i would shop with these guys..ill use them again. plus no shipping or hidden charges..”i hate that shit”…

  3. miky,thanks for the peedy service,very pleased with you guys,hats off gents. be ordering from your people again also,my friends….thanks c.miller.anyone doubt these folks do not great people,honest,true to their word……….

  4. i ordered from these people,miky seemed very nice,answered all my questions,had a great experience with them.they re shipped my order,have not recieved them yet,but the will come im sure,my brorher is a medical grower i california,hes not sure on the auto flowering,,gut with his help it will be great,and he has dealt with miky and says the same great guy,great nothing bad to say about them,also i turnned several of my friends their way,but the seem to be out of low ryder2 fem. and diesalryder fem. seeds witch is what they have re shipped me,with no problem.i will order from miky again,and again,they have my vote,thanks mikey…c.miller

    wanted to add,the reason i was told that the way they package the seeds is to keep them safe from the radiation our grate postal system uses,respectfully cause my wife had been injured i iraq,and now she has a med card thats why i chose to follow my bros.advise on useing them we want to grow her own meds.sure their is better strands out their for her hats off to you miky,thanks c.miller..

  5. very good site very profetional support system i did buy from this site many time i had problems only one time but they reshipped my seeds no question asked and they gave me a present on top of it
    grate people

  6. Bought once in the past from these guys – this time i waited for 6 weeks nothing came – acording to them they sent 3 times, but they blamed it on the postel service altough we have been getting mail from overseas on a daily basis.

    After i told them that i had enough and iam not going to chase them any more and they can keep my moeny as i was not going to buy from them again.

    this is the mail they sent me:

    “we have ways address names cards data u better be nice because u do not want us to be nasty
    f.u.Jhon West ”

    Iam not going to buy from them ever again and make sure that every one i know will hear about this shop.

    Peace out.


    The seeds came in at last – tried taking the review i posted here on the 25th of june but this website is not very friendly when it comes to deleteing reviews or contacting the webadmin

    Peace out

  7. we received this e mail from Mr Jhon West on 29/06/10

    “The seeds just came in – the minute i get the envelope i’ll edit the reviews i placed couple days back.

    Thank you”
    which it did not do yet

    to make him happy we shipped his seeds 3 time the third time the seeds arrive we are sure it has been an Australian post office error

    to make him happy
    in this sale we lost our profit and we went 50% under

    i think Mr Jhon West now know we are honest
    but we do not want him to buy from our site any longer
    no a good costumer obviously

    1. Hello “Miky” I am not replying here to be sarcastic but you are very dishonest to your cusomers, or at least me! After several emails and excuses from you I finally gave up on my order. The truth is you rip off your customers and me a cancer patient for two and a half years now. If you want to make good on your claim please respond. If not it only backs up what I say. Michael

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