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Yes i, a mountain of blessings and welcome to Jahseed.com. Wholesale suppliers of
fine quality, autoflowering cannabis seeds since 2005 (soulseeds.co.uk). Our auto
strains are developed for best results using CFL lighting in confined spaces where
traditional, larger strains and HPS lighting would not be suitable. Every strain we carry is
unique to us here at Jahseed as our strains have been commissioned in bulk, by us,
directly from the source, so we can offer to you quality controlled strains at great prices





What are auto flowering plants / seeds ?

Auto flowering cannabis plants are dwarf plants that will pass directly from the seedling stage to the flowering stage missing out the growth period altogether, therefore making them one of the easiest and quickest ways to harvest erb. A typical auto flowering plant will show sex (pre flowers) at about 17 – 23 days from planting the seed, be in full flower by week 4 and finish at around 7 – 10 weeks (strain dependant) quality auto flowering strains will keep short and squat without ever stretching too much, typically reaching around 10″ to 18″ by harvest time.


Do I have to switch my lights to 12 on 12 off for flower ?

They will flower under any light cycle REGARDLESS of light schedule although best results are archived with a 16 – 18 hour on, 6 – 8 hour off timing. This gives the i the option of having plants at any stage of growth under the same light, ie. seedlings, plants that are just starting to flower and plants ready to harvest all growing happily under the same light and/or light cycle! can’t do that with traditional 12/12 stains.


Can I take cuttings from autoflowering plants ?

As autos will flower regardless of the light schedule you cannot take clones with autos, (they will flower whilst rooting) you have to work with seed, no need for a mother plant or or cuttings, just a bag of magic beans.


Whats the yield like on autoflowering plants ?

AF strains are no good for commercial grows at all as the yield is small compared to traditional 12/12 strains. Auto’s are
perfectly suited to small set-ups for personal smokers. An average yield would be between a tiny 10g per plant to an Oz or over but this is dependant on the strain, grower and method. Many people prefer to grow several plants at a time packed in close in a sea of green method using only 1 – 4 litre pots, many can be packed in under a single light making the return more reasonable and maximising space and light coverage.


Can I grow auto flowering seeds under cfl / compact florescents ?

Our auto strains are all designed to grow and flower perfectly well under compact florescent lighting which makes for a worry free stoner, eleccy bills are low and there is very little chance of bunning down the yard with CFL lights, you can touch them when on without damage to your fingers (unlike sodium / halide lights) due to this CFL lamps can and should be hung close to the plants to take best advantage of the lower lumen output of compact floro’s. Also as these lights do not produce so much heat, the need for air extraction will be much reduced over HPS/MH lamps keeping things much quieter. You can, however, use HPS / Metal halide lamps but you must bear in mind that autos will not yield as much as 12/12 strains and most people who use HPS/MH will opt for a larger traditional 12/12 plant to maximise production from their high output lighting Jahseed.

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