• autoflower-life-cycle-week-by-week

    Autoflower life cycle week by week

    Introduction to Autoflowers Autoflower cannabis plants represent a remarkable innovation in home gardening. Unlike traditional photoperiod strains, autoflowers transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage automatically with age, not relying on specific light cycles. This unique feature, coupled with their resilience and speedy growth cycle, makes autoflowers an…

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  • Growing autoflowering varieties indoors

    Growing autoflowering varieties indoors.

    Growing autoflowering varieties indoors, wondering how to grow autoflowering cannabis strains we explain all you need to know. Check out these tips to help optimize your indoor autoflowering cannabis grow-op. Avoid major mistakes, and provide plants with ideal conditions. Growing autoflowering varieties Indoors. Autoflowering varieties are characterized by not depending…

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  • 10 tips to Get the most out of your Autoflowers

    Autoflowers 10 ways to increase yield

    10 tips to Get the most out of your Autoflowers. For a long time, the auto-flowering cannabis strains remained very small in stature and did not yield a great harvest, since then they have come a long way are no longer inferior to the ‘normal’ weed species. If you choose…

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  • Growing Autoflowers aerogarden

    Autoflower – What are autoflowering weed seeds?

    Autoflower – What are auto-flowering cannabis seeds, Auto flower weed seeds (self-Flowering) are a completely different kind of cannabis seeds than we are used to. A  non-auto-flowering species will bloom when the days get shorter, or when the plants get fewer hours of light. This is in contrast to the auto-flowering…

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