Autoflowers 10 ways to increase yield

10 tips to Get the most out of your Autoflowers.

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10 tips to Get the most out of your Autoflowers. For a long time, the auto-flowering cannabis strains remained very small in stature and did not yield a great harvest, since then they have come a long way are no longer inferior to the ‘normal’ weed species.

If you choose the right auto-flower type and take care of it in the right way, you can grow weed with ease and also run super crops. With these 10 tips, you can get the most out of taste and yield.

10 tips to Get the most out of your Autoflowers
10 tips to Get the most out of your Autoflowers
Outdoors, self-flowering strains do well,
You can bloom an autoflower in the middle of the summer when the sun is at its hottest. No messing around with darkening

The key to a great autoflower harvest is understanding how the plant works compared to the cannabis strains you might be used to growing.

Because a self-flowering plant has a limited life cycle and the days of life from the moment of germination to the harvest are already fixed in the genes, the growth phase for an autoflower is extremely important. Autoflowers are also programmed to grow explosively.

auto-flower roots

Do not repot autoflowers, this takes time that an autoflower does not have

1. DO NOT TRANSPLANT and DO NOT TOP. Autoflowers are not crazy about repotting. They simply have something better to do with their precious time than to recover from a transplant. Do not do it to your autoflower, and do not top it off for the same reason. Leave your autoflowers in the same pot until the harvest.

2. CHOOSE A LARGE POT. Give your autoflower the space to grow, even a small auto strain needs space to develop a nice root ball. Do not go for anything less than an 11 liter pot.

3. USE A AIRY MEDIUM.. Roots experience less resistance and therefore grow much faster when the medium is nice and airy. Coconut is ideal, but since coconut dries quickly it is wise to add a large amount of perlite. In a mix of 50% coconut and 50% perlite, an autoflower can quickly get out of hand. In a DWC system such as a bubble bucket, an autoflower can grow superfast!

4.AVOID GIVING TOO MUCH WATER! This is extra important for because too much water inhibits the growth that an autoflowering plant needs so badly.

Make sure not too much water with autoflowers

Make sure not too much water with autoflowers

5. DO NOT OVERFEED AT THE BEGINNING. To stimulate rapid root growth, you only provide nutrition when the plant has developed 4 nodes. When you do start feeding, start with a low dose and gradually increase it.

6. ONLY GIVE FLOWER NUTRIENTS WHEN THE AUTOFLOWER STOPS GROWING the autoflower stops growing. In order to get the most out of the growth phase, you must continue giving growth nutrition until the plant actually stops growing. (This Actually Also Applies To Growing Other Types Of Cannabis).

7. GO FOR GOOD AUTOFLOWERING GENETICS. Buy from a reputable seed company, and see what some species did with other growers. Choose a species that has shown that it can yield well, or of course choose a smaller variety such as Lowrider if you grow in a very small space. With auto-flowers you can go all the way nowadays, there are sativas, hazes, indicas and even autoflower CBD strains.

8. TRY SEA OF GREEN. If you want to harvest a lot per area, it is certainly worth it to put your plants in a sea of green setup.  auto-flowers are therefore perfectly suited for being put in a small tent . 5 Harvests a year is easy to do.

9. TAKE IT EASY WHEN FEEDING YOUR AUTO’S. For autos, it certainly applies that less is more.

10. START WITH LIMITED LIGHT. A fluorescent or T-Neon lamp is great for starting an autoflower. Choose a bulb in the growth spectrum of (6500 Kelvin). Increase the number of lumens as the plant grows. LEDs are perfect, in terms of color they are well adjustable for growth and flowering and do not consume too much power.If you are growing the larger type auto-flowers you might want to use a 400 or 600w hps lamp. checkout Autoflower – What are auto-flowering cannabis seeds,

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  1. Thanks Heath. my grow bro Cartman [Canna Cabanna] gave me most of these tips, but the watering & feeding suggestions help me.

    Auto flower has been under estimated, but are starting to catch on now that so many improvements to them hve been developed. Cart has a strain he came up with, Blue Vangoo, that is just great

    aka medMUser

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