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Best Seed Bank is the longest running Unbiased marijuana seed bank reviews website.  Below are the Best Marijuana Seed Banks Rated by you!

We are happy to have the most up-to-date list of the World’s Best Cannabis Seed Banks.

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If you check the list we have gone way past the usual Top 10 Seed Banks and now have well over 160 Reviews .

Most review sites order their lists of Seed Banks by how much each is paying per referral to maximize their income. That means all their lists are almost identical, showing you the same names again and again ranked by how much they are willing to pay, even if the companies provide poor support, service and seeds.

Our Top 100 Reviews are different, they are ordered by weighted customer rating. Which means a Seed Bank having a 5-star rating with a single reviewer wont automatically go to the top of the list, but one with numerous reviews well above the average will.

The more reviews customers submit about a Seed Bank, the more we trust the ratings to be accurate and enable it to move up the ranks. What this means for you is if you are looking for the most up to date information on the Best Seed Banks you will find the answers here.

If you wish to leave a review simply click on the cannabis seed bank you wish to leave your review on and choose a star rating (1 poor 5 excellent) and leave a comment, please be as honest as you can. only leave a Review if you have purchased or have attempted to purchase from the seed bank you are leaving a review for.

Chillout Seed bank Review

Chillout Seed bank Review Chillout Seed bank Review. Located in the UK, We have a decent seed catalog which is growing…

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Cannabis Seeds 4 Free Review

Cannabis Seeds 4 Free Review, The only place on the planet to provide FREE cannabis seeds without making other purchases!…

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Critical Mass Collective Seed Bank Review (2017)

Critical Mass Collective Seed Bank Review (2017) As pot-enthusiasts will no doubt be aware, the Critical Mass is a strain…

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Just Feminized Seed Bank Review

Just Feminized Seed Bank Review Our History: Our journey started growing up in London where the cannabis culture was having…

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Ice Head Shop Review

ICE HEAD SHOP IS A ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL YOUR PARTY NEEDS. Ice Head Shop Review. We offer no-nonsense…

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Discreet Seeds Review

Discreet Seeds Review Visit Discreet Seeds   Welcome to Discreet Seeds, the UK’s biggest and best provider of cannabis seeds. At…

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Montreal Cannabis Seeds Review

Montreal Cannabis Seeds Review Visit Montreal Cannabis Seeds Montreal Cannabis Seeds Review, We have been breeding cannabis seeds for over…

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Midweek Song Seed Bank Review

Midweek Song Seed Bank Review Visit Midweek Song Midweek Song Seed Bank Review. Getting thе bеѕt Marijuana seeds online іѕ…

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Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank Review

Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank Review   Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank Review.  Quebec cannabis seeds began in 2012 and is owned…

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Ice Headshop Review

Ice headshop review   Visit Ice Headshop Ice Head Shop іѕ a оnе stop shop fоr аll уоur party needs,…

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Seedland Store Review

Seedland Store Review In seedland we provide the most unique seeds worldwide, for those growers who need something more than…

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Cannabis Seeds for Sale Review

Cannabis Seeds for Sale Review Are you looking for high quality marijuana seeds? You have come to the right location.…

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