Critical Mass Collective Seed Bank Review (2017)

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Critical Mass Collective Seed Bank Review (2017)
Critical Mass Collective Seed Bank Review (2017)

Critical Mass Collective Seed Bank Review (2017) As pot-enthusiasts will no doubt be aware, the Critical Mass is a strain famous for its massive yields, huge power and energetic growth.

All of which have been securely sealed in history and marijuana culture by the pairing of Howard Marks– or Mr Nice to his buddies– and the legendary breeders Nevil and Shantibaba.

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Now, a seed company committed to propagating the benefits of this strain has emerged– meet Critical Mass Collective!
It all started back in 2002, when a youngster from Arizona with an enthusiasm for marijuana and super-cropping (and several years’ experience) developed his own Critical Mass hybrid. This brand-new version– which he called Monster Mass– showed improved flavors, greater yield, and additional potency.

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Not long after, he started sharing his genes among a partnership of combined minds fulfilled on his journeys and through the web. Together, the group has gone about producing the very best revamped versions of Critical Mass the world has ever seen.
Utilizing the revered monster Mass strain as a starting point, the group– which became referred to as the Critical Mass Collective (or CMC for short) put all their efforts into the production of the ultimate Mass genes. All the brand-new varieties produced undergo the CMC’s stringent grading regime before being considered for recommendation as an CMC strain. If it’s quality you want, its right here!

Boasting well over 100 years of breeding experience between them, leading to a selection of the most significant, baddest Mass hybrids of modern-day times. From Monster Mass, Moonshine Mass, to Super Mutant Mass, to Purple Skunk Mass, and more, there’s a strain here for everyone.

All CMC seeds are produced under legal conditions, organically, utilizing completely balanced AACT with the help of our friends at Humboldt Earth Tech. They are then hand chosen to make sure maximum viability and quality.

All CMC seeds are kept in big temperature level and humidity regulated vaults kept at a constant 6-8 degrees Centigrade- the perfect environment to keep them fresh and feasible. We also run smaller however more regular batches to ensure an excellent turn-around of fresh seeds.

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Each batch of CMC seeds are thoroughly hand picked and packaged in sterilized, pyrogen-free polypropylene vials. The seeds are protected from impact by cotton wadding and a colour suggesting silica desiccant is added to make sure maximum practicality and perfect humidity in storage. Finally we add a special serial number to each vial to handle and manage batch origin.

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