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Just Feminized Seed Bank Review

2.9/5 (6)

Just Feminized Seed Bank Review

Our History: Our journey started growing up in London where the cannabis culture was having a significant influence in how we were living our lives. Both the relaxed way of life and the social circles we found ourselves a part of were definitely going to be a part of us for a truly very long time.

Just Feminized Seed Bank Review

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Personally, I attempted many paths to discover exactly what one matched and none genuinely fitted the costs. It wasn’t till my late teens when I decided to grow a little individual batch of home grown weed. I went online and got some seeds, bought a fundamental overview of growing, bought a little light then started on my little experiment to see where it was going to take me.

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didnt arrive to jersey


I Find Just Feminized to be a very reliable company that handles my orders very fast. The Cannabis Seeds they sell are solid Feminized strains and the service is second to none.


They say, and I think, that you can turn every negative circumstance into a favorable one. I say that because as it turns out, the seeds I acquired were the worst produced seeds I might have ever purchased. The plants didn’t do anything and I ended up tossing them all away, so the first effort was a major downer. The paradoxical thing is that before I planted the seeds I understood they were so cheap compared with other websites that undoubtedly I might make a small profit selling them online! Obviously those lousy seeds would not be suitable for anybody to buy so they were thrown away, but by that time I had actually found a potential business opportunity and began doing some more major research study.

With much success I managed to find some actually good info about marijuana genes and the distinctions between numerous types of plants. I discovered that a lot of serious premium quality seeds are produced by Dutch Seed banks and low-cost seeds just aren’t worth entertaining. My research led me to find contacts that might sell me the official retail seeds and within no time at all I was working selling and getting much success online as a relied on supplier. My company had grown and now it was turning into a good little household business that I really enjoyed.

Our Future: Several years have actually now passed since our first site started and now things have actually massively advanced. We have actually managed to team up with one of Amsterdam’s finest seed banks, renowned for being one the most effective breeders on the planet. We have actually been working night and day to create a complete range of premium quality feminized marijuana seeds. When choosing the ranges we have on offer our main focus was on appeal, quality and price. Having been in the business for many years we understand that these pressures are all big sellers and award winners alike. We have actually likewise managed to include some truly good quality auto-flowering marijuana pressures to our collection as we know they are getting a lot of success. The only reason our costs are so competitive is since we have invested some serious money and protected an unique agreement with our team in Amsterdam.

All our seeds are now produced in the most exact and professional conditions. Our genes are steady and all our own brand cannabis seeds are 99.5% feminized and 99.5% feasible. We load them into hinge lipped plastic containers and store them at optimal temperature levels to maintain quality. We found that business such as Dutch Passion and Nirvana were utilizing paper product packaging with no seed defense. The problem with this is that in transit they can easily get harmed and we didn’t desire that to be a concern with our seeds.

Just Feminized Seed Bank Review

One of the important things we have found is that when business provide blended seed loads they typically mix all 5 strains in the very same pack. The problem with this remains in identifying which is which. This has actually led us to decide to provide 1, 3, 5, 10 and 25 seed packs. If you select 5 various pressures you will get 5 independently jam-packed seeds so they are quickly recognized. Our cost is the most competitive on the internet for premium quality marijuana seeds and each month we have a various pressure on special deal.

For the mean time we have decided not to offer to the significant distributors and all our strains are solely readily available at We have had dealings with lots of unreliable business in the past and know that a professional service is actually crucial. That is why we just provide special delivery on all purchases from our site. Royal mail reward specials like gold dust and provide them really quick so we believe it is well worth paying that couple of extra pounds for the better service. We have actually implemented many methods of contacting us and we aim to respond as quickly as we potentially can.

If you have managed to review our rambling on above we would like to thank you for your interest in our company. We have produced a rating and review system to help our customers avoid utilizing dodgy vendors and undependable seed banks. If you have the time please go through it and rate any of the business you have actually used. It will be a massive aid and we make sure that individuals will be much appreciative of the information you can provide.

3.5/5 (6)
3.5/5 (6)
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3.7/5 (6)
3.7/5 (6)
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  1. Ordered from Canada 2 months ago, with stealth option, Never got my order. First time in 10 years with 800+ online transaction that either Canada Post, USPS or Royal Mail “lose” a package. Buy at your own risk outside UK.

    Ps: I ordered twice from a different seedbank in the UK before (closed now) with No Stealth Options and They delivered both time.


    1. Growing marijuana and/or any type of plant had been my passion as far back as elementary school in the 1980’s.
      Having a discreet grow was probably the hardest part of the entire operation. Now that marajuana has escaped from the depths of the illegal black market I immediately transformed some unused space into my sanctuary, but I had no steady hub that could provide quality high grade seeds for my grow.until I found justfeminizedseedbank.
      My first order I received was missing half of my seeds. I contacted justfeminizedseedbank, told them my problem and without hesitation( well a little hesitant) they rushed me the missing seeds. Professionalism, quality and passion for what they do will keep me going to them for many grows to come. Thank you and never stop growing!


    2. This is surprising to hear but I guess with orders to Canada the service might not be as good.

      Did you use an insured delivery method?

      We had one order go missing before but we use special delivery so it was insured and they resent without hesitation.

  2. I have found just Feminized to be a great company. My partner buys from them regularly and the delivery speed is excellent.

    We don’t use anyone else now.


  3. Absolutely the best company.

    We order from them every time. They have great deals and if there is a problem they message with updates at every stage.

    Most of the time the order arrives the day after we place the order online.


  4. I Find Just Feminized to be a very reliable company that handles my orders very fast. The Cannabis Seeds they sell are solid Feminized strains and the service is second to none.


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