Medical Marijuana

  • 7 side effects of cannabis

    One of the arguments for using cannabis is that it has hardly any side effects. It doesn’t have many. But here are some common side effects of cannabis, although you are better off anyway than with many regular (chemical) drugs. Nevertheless, it is wise to take note of these side…

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  • 710 oil

    710 the other 420

    710 the other 420. The 420 is the number associated with cannabis that, for many, still serves to identify itself in the mind of the stoner. As every good acolyte to cannabis culture knows, 420 refers to that magic hour (4:20 in the afternoon) in which some young stoner people…

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  • Cannabis Laws in the United States - 2020

    Cannabis Laws in the United States – 2020

    Cannabis Laws in the United States – 2020. It is already clear the US is moving stedily towards legalization, . Some states do it faster than others, but full legalization is the general direction of most states. 33 US states have already approved medical cannabis, 11 have fully legalized, and…

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  • Does cannabidiol have side effects?

    Does cannabidiol have side effects? – CBD in medicine

    Cannabidiol Effects Does cannabidiol have side effects?, For over two years, products containing the cannabis drug cannabidiol, or CBD for short, are on the rise in the wellness industry. Many users cure minor symptoms that accompany their everyday life or use CBD for relaxation. Others go one step further and…

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