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How safe is the use of CBD?

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Cannabidiol Effects

Does cannabidiol have side effects?, For over two years, products containing the cannabis drug cannabidiol, or CBD for short, are on the rise in the wellness industry.

Many users cure minor symptoms that accompany their everyday life or use CBD for relaxation. Others go one step further and treat chronic diseases, in consultation with the doctor of course.

Does cannabidiol have side effects?
Does cannabidiol have side effects?


In short, cannabidiol is in the process of conquering the healthcare industry. And hardly a day go by without new headlines about which diseases the active ingredient has a positive effect on. It often appears that CBD as a substance and the medical devices that are produced with it, such as tinctures and oils, much better tolerated than the chemical drugs that are replaced by cannabidiol in whole or in part. But is CBD really free of side effects? Are there no incompatibilities?

How safe is the use of CBD?

So far, there is no evidence of an overdose of cannabidiol that poses any serious health risks, and although there are currently a great many studies on CBD, even on high dose applications. In contrast to many conventional drugs, CBD is also very well suited for long-term use, since the consumption over a longer period until date revealed no negative side effects.

All in all, CBD is so safe to use that you can not go wrong. Even the WHO certifies the cannabis drug high safety and versatile, health benefits. In addition, CBD is not recognized as psychoactive or addictive.

Minor side effects of CBD

Cannabidiol is not one hundred percent free of side effects, although when used therapeutically, it is usually far less of a concern to the patient than the chemical alternatives that are available. Since an effect of cannabidiol is physical relaxation, at high doses naturally a state of drowsiness can be the result.

Here, CBD has a peculiarity, as low doses are more activating and may increase alertness, while high doses cause calming effects. In some patients, however, diarrhea was detected as negative side effect of CBD, as well as changes in eating behavior.

With longer-term use, therefore, a reduction in body weight may be a consequence.This is usually due to too high dosage or poor quality of the oils used.

Mutual interactions of CBD

The knowledge of interactions is much worse than the side effects of CBD alone. Since cannabidiol is only now finding its way into modern medicine, it must be further investigated in the coming years.

Recently, for example, warned against the parallel administration of CBD with certain thrombosis prophylactic drugs, which are administered to patients, among other things, some craniocerebral trauma, since the cannabidiol may enhance the anticoagulant effect of the preparations, and in some patients by internal Causing bleeding.

Therefore, if you are interested in treatment with CBD, it is also advisable to consult the doctor, if possible a knowledgeable one, if you take other medicines.

How do I use cannabidiol?

If you are interested in using cannabidiol but have no experience with it, you do not have to consult a doctor if you do not want to use it alongside other medications or if you do not want to cure a very serious condition. CBD is well tolerated and can be taken without hesitation.

It is important to pay attention to a good product quality, this goes without saying. Good quality does not necessarily require a high proportion of CBD, and it is not always the most expensive products. The cannabinoid and terpene spectrum are two very important factors and it is worthwhile to inquire about the methods of drug discovery.

To get started, it is recommended for anyone to start with a low dose, and adjust them after some time if necessary. Own experiences with the substance and observing the body’s own reactions to cannabidiol are the key to maximally benefit from the health-promoting properties and exclude or minimize any negative effects.

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